Sunday, 22 January 2012

Weekly summary: Episodes 361 to 365

It's been an adequate week, with some missed possibilities that I should have seen, particularly in the numbers, but it finished on a decided high note thanks to a fully monty.  I also solved all the conundrums this week, although on the Monday I was just beaten by a contestant on time.

Me61577257 78
David + Lily7873777473

Trevor couldn't get past the four-game barrier, and does not make it into the rankings.  Maurie has a chance to tomorrow, but for this week there's no change.

Sam Gaffney518162676455380
Kerin White555646636551336
Toby Baldwin594854434844296
Shaun Ellis435638594044280
Daniel Chua445956533652300
Sebastian Ham3949584045
Geoff Bailey55646563

Nick Terry71465535


It's been a tough week for the full monties, in part due to excessively vowel-happy contestants; all but one letters round had four (or in one case, five) vowels, and that one with only three had a Y in it.  There was only one full monty available all week with the selected mixes, but another three cases where staying with three vowels would have produced one (plus an unlikely but possible fourth where the next consonant is not known).  I really hope that next week's contestants manage a better balance.

Full Monties

Missed Full Monties

Tough Numbers

Impossible Numbers


Contestants averaging over 30 points a game:

Sam Gaffney380663.33
Geoff Bailey247461.75
Jimmy Driscoll61161.00
Leanne Cox57157.00
Ryan Sutton57157.00
Kerin White336656.00
Nick Terry217454.25
Geraldine Yam52152.00
Tim Clay51151.00
Peter Crop152350.67
Daniel Chua300650.00
Lainie Mercieca99249.50
Toby Baldwin296649.33
Susan Pickett97248.50
Matt Williams48148.00
Maurie Williams143*3*47.67
Natasha Podesser47147.00
Shaun Ellis280646.67
Brett Edwards139346.33
Sebastian Ham231546.20
Brian McEvoy46146.00
Michael Nichols90245.00
Karla Treves90245.00
Sandy Clarke45145.00
James Godfrey45145.00
Trevor Armstrong178444.50
Megan Marks133344.33
Nick Compton44144.00
Mark Arnold87243.50
John Day42142.00
Nathan Dixon41141.00
David Bradley77238.50
Alex van der Kooij153438.25
Adrian Lonigro38138.00
Richelle Patrick38138.00
Colin Jones111337.00
Cherie Brody37137.00
Chris Miller37137.00
Ann Vasconcelos73236.50
Ilona Coote36136.00
Kane Gross34134.00
Duncan Butler33133.00
Mitchell Fly33133.00
Cameron Tyson33133.00
Hannah Marshall33133.00
Hiep Do98332.67
Susan Cumming32132.00
Sushma Garudadwajan62231.00
David Armstrong31131.00

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