Friday, 29 June 2012

Weekly summary: Episodes 444 to 450 (Masters Series)

An inaccurate title, as I've combined the two short weeks of the Masters series into a longer one. It all started out pretty well for me, matching David and Lily in the first game.  Then two games where I had invalid answers kept me from nearing that target, but I still managed to beat the contestants.  The remaining games I lost, though, in each case on the conundrum by probably a tenth of a second or less.  Frustrating, but the conundrums have always been the weakest part of my game.

David + Lily78758778777675
Me (solo)78608076696950

In the series three finals summary I commented that the finals brought out the full monties, but that seems not so much the case this time around.  Just two possibilities over the entire series, only one of which was found.  There were some quite challenging number mixes, but Lily was equal to almost all of them, and the exception she solved soon afterwards.

Full Monties11
Missed Full Monties11
Tough Numbers11
Impossible Numbers0

Results from the quarterfinals were pretty good, but took somewhat of a dive thereafter.  The conundrum performance is both better and worse than it might seem -- most of those solutions were quite quick, but also just fractionally slower than the contestants.  It was only in the second quarterfinal that I managed to solve it first.  Several invalid answers in this series, but at least in the quarterfinals they were bolstered by some good results otherwise.

Maximums: L4333243
Invalid: L-11----


Mark said...

Geoff, I've enjoyed reading your blog posts. Thanks for providing them, and thanks for the feedback on my answers.

Geoff Bailey said...

You're welcome, Mark, and I've also enjoyed reading what you've come up with. Thanks for your comments throughout!

I still hope for the show to be back in a little while, of course. Fingers crossed and all that!