Monday, 28 January 2013

No game today (Monday)

Apologies to all for the rather late notice.  It's been a busy weekend, so I'm using the public holiday as an excuse for not putting up a new game today.  This also gets the game numbers in sync with the weeks, which is a minor benefit from my point of view.

As an aside, the blog has been getting a ton of comment spam in the last few days, a great deal of which was getting through the filters.  I've tried to look at them carefully, but after a few hundred the eyes glaze over.  I may have to disable anonymous commenting at some point; in any case, this is just a warning that if you don't see your comment turn up immediately you may wish to save a copy as checking through the spam comments section is no longer really feasible.


Jan said...

Geoff, I appreciate all you do for us, so no problems about no game today.

Thank you

PS hope wherever you and the others that come here are safe and dry, and your houses are not under water!

Mike Backhouse said...

No problem Geoff. We have had power outages for the last 24 hours due to the floods, but thankfully no flooding where I am (Sunshine Coast). However my computer won't turn on so am taking it to the shop! Hope everyone is ok.

Geoff Bailey said...

Belatedly, thanks for the comments, and my condolences on the power outages, Mike!