Friday, 26 April 2013

NG 115

New game 115 is now available.

Round 1: R O E C B A L F A

I had CORE, COBRA, and hoped for a final A to give ALBACORE.  It turned up, and so I had my eight.  I also wrote down ARABLE as a six.

ALBACORE looks like the only eight, and the only seven is ACEROLA (a type of tree).

The other sixes are ORACLE / COALER ("a railway, ship, etc., used mainly to haul or supply coal"), CARAFE, LOAFER / FLORAE (one plural form of FLORA), FABLER (someone who tells or writes fablers), BOREAL ("relating to the north wind"), AREOLA ("a small ring of colour, as around a pustule or the human nipple"), and CORBEL ("a supporting projection of stone, wood, etc., on the face of a wall").

My selection: ALBACORE

Round 2: S N P I O R D I A

I had SNIP, ROSIN, PRISON, and ASPIRIN.  I had the feeling I was missing something familiar, and of course I found it easily after time.  It's a bit annoying, actually -- I had seen PARISON ("a preliminary shape or blank, from which a glass article is to be formed") within time, but then got immediately distracted by DIAPASON ("a melody or strain").  I started writing that down, but when I realised it used a second A that I did not have I abandoned it.  Unfortunately I had forgotten PARISON in the meantime; I recalled it afterwards and wrote it down, which led me immediately to PONIARDS for eight.

That does look like the only eight; the other sevens are PONIARD / PADRONI (plural of PADRONE: "a master, as of a vessel"), INROADS / ORDAINS, PARDONS, SOPRANI (one plural form of SOPRANO), SORDINI (plural of SORDINO, a synonym of MUTE in the sense of "a mechanical device of various shapes and materials for muffling the tone of a musical instrument"), SINOPIA ("a red-brown earth pigment"), SPAROID ("resembling or relating to the Sparidae, a family of deep-bodied marine fishes, such as the Australian snapper and bream"), and SPIROID ("resembling a spiral").

My selection: ASPIRIN

Round 3: Target 763 from 100 1 3 10 5 2

Noticing the factor of 7 here is easy enough; the cofactor is 109, and a little work produces the solution 763 = (5 + 2)*(100 + 10 - 1).  I also tried working down from 800, finding the alternative solution 763 = (10 - 2)*(100 - 3 - 1) - 5.

My selection: 763 = (5 + 2)*(100 + 10 - 1)

Round 4: N H S O O K R E U

I had HOONS, HONKS, HONORS, UNHORSE, UNHOOKS, wondered about UNHOOKERS, and HOOKERS.  After time I noted other sevens of ONEROUS and SNOOKER.

I decided that UNHOOKERS was too unlikely, and that was the correct call.  Seven seems to be the limit, with the others being HONOURS, ONSHORE, and HUNKERS.  This last is not a verb sense of HUNKER -- that sense is only given as part of the phrase HUNKER DOWN -- but rather a plural noun synonymous with "the haunches".

My selection: UNHORSE

Round 5: E O I T N R G N E

I had TONE, ORIENT (which I was pleased to see in the first six letters as it is one of my blind spots), RENTING, and rejected RETONING.  I had spent a small while looking at the -ING words without finding longer -- I had (correctly as it turns out) thought that there were some interesting non -ING words to be found -- but somehow overlooked ENTERING, which I found shortly after time.  (I also noted that adding an A to the mix would make GENERATION, but ten-letter words are no good.)

There are two other eights: NITROGEN and ROENTGEN ("a non-SI unit of measurement of exposure to ionising radiation [...]").

The other sevens are TREEING / INTEGER, INTONER / TERNION ("a set or group of three; a triad"), INTERNE (variant spelling of INTERN in the sense of "a resident member of the medical staff of a hospital, usually a recent graduate of a university still in partial training"), GENITOR ("a father in the biological sense, sometimes distinguished from a legal or acting father"), ENTERON ("the alimentary canal; the digestive tract"), and RINGENT ("gaping").

My selection: RENTING

Round 6: Target 875 from 75 50 3 5 5 9

As I've mentioned before, 875 is 5*175 or 7*125, which is why it is often formable in mixes with two or more large numbers.  The 125 is clearly easier, and in short order I had 875 = (5 + 5 - 3)*(75 + 50).  Playing around with other approaches produced other solutions: 875 = (9 + 5 - 3)*75 + 50, 875 = (9 + 3)*75 - 5*5, and 875 = (3*75 - 50)*5.

My selection: 875 = (3*75 - 50)*5

Round 7: T W C E E A D F E


That looks like the only seven, but there is an eight: DEFECATE.

The other sixes are DEFECT, WAFTED, DEFEAT, and FACETE ("facetious; witty").

My selection: FACETED

Round 8: Target 681 from 25 75 3 4 7 8

The target is 675 + 6, and 675 is 9*75, but neither the 9 nor the 6 can be made cheaply enough.  Fortunately I noticed that the target is also 625 + 56, and that worked much better.  I started with the tweaked version 681 = 8*(75 + 7) + 25 and then added the untweaked one of 681 = 25*75/3 + 7*8.

My selection: 681 = 8*(75 + 7) + 25


I didn't come close to solving this one, which admittedly is more familiar in the feminine form.  This was particularly amusing (in a way) since in the form the conundrum was presented to me I only needed to move one letter to reveal the answer.  Oh, well. *chuckles*

My selection: [no answer]


Mark said...

For some reason NG114 isn't displaying for me.

3. 763 = (5+2)*(100+10-1)
6. -
8. 682 = 8*75 + 3*25 + 7
9. -

Jan said...

Mark, you can try pasting 114 into the URL instead of say 115, and see if that works. (Thanks to the tute I had by Victor - I think)

My answers...
Mark's way
HOOKERS and wondered about UNHOOKERS
(9+5+5-3)*50 + 75 = 875
7*(75+25 - 3) + 8/4 = 681
WASHERMEN - 30.2 s. (I must admit I had never heard of WASHERMEN only WASHERWOMEN!)

Geoff Bailey said...

Apologies, Mark -- I broke the episode 114 display when I updated episode 115. Thanks for drawing that to my attention -- it should be fixed now.

No joy on UNHOOKERS, I'm afraid. Nor does CABLER get the nod, which surprised me. Well done on solving the conundrum, Jan, even if just after time -- I was completely lost on it today.

Mike Backhouse said...

Here are mine:

Mark and Jan's way
NOTING and after time RENTING (should have seen ENTERING)
(9+3-5/5)*75+50=875 (scenic route)
DEFEAT (Oh no....)
7*(25+75-3)+8/4=681 (another scenic route!)
x-jumped in with MENSWEAR, unfortunately missing a H!

Geoff Bailey said...

Nice scenic routes in the numbers, Mike -- the important thing is that you got there. Condolences on MENSWEAR, I almost fell victim to that myself (not that avoiding that fate helped me).

Victor said...

1. x (CABLER)
3. Mark, Jan and Mike's way
6. 875 = (75 + 50)*(5 + 5 - 3)
8. Mike's way
9. - (got nowhere with this, did notice MENSWEAR at some point but it was not long enough)

Mike Backhouse said...

In round one, I wondered about COALER but rejected it. ORACLE was great also.

Sam Gaffney said...

ALBACORE & PONIARDS were good. I'm surprised that no-one found DEFECATE.

3. 763 = (100+10-1)*(5+2)
5. ENTERING. Nearly TANGERINE again, the O+A make GENERATION.
6. 875 = (9+5-3)*75 + 50
8. 681 = (75+25-3)*7 + 8/4
9. 47.1s - WASHERMEN. Too slow for points again, Jan nearly got them.