Wednesday, 27 November 2013

NG 268

New game 268 is now available.

Round 1: E N R E C A L B D

I had CRANE, wondered about CABLER (I recalled it coming up before -- it turns out to be in NG 81 -- but could not recall the outcome; it turns out not to be valid), DEBACLE, correctly rejected RENDABLE, CLEARED, and wrote down a highly dubious CALENDER (thinking it might possibly be a variant spelling of CALENDAR).  In the end CALENDER was too dubious for me, and I stayed with DEBACLE.  After time I noted down a couple of other sevens of CLEANED and CLEANER.

As it turns out, CALENDER is valid, although not with the meaning I was guessing at.  Instead it is "a machine in which cloth, paper, or the like is smoothed, glazed, etc., by pressing between revolving cylinders".  This appears to be the only eight.

The other sevens are BLANDER, BLENDER, DECLARE / CREEDAL (adjective derived from CREED), ENABLED, LEARNED, BLEARED (BLEAR: "to make (the eyes or sight) dim, as with tears or inflammation"), and ENLACED.

My selection: DEBACLE

Round 2: F I T U H O H O S

I had FOOT, wondered about OUTFISH, FOOTS, HOIST, FOIST, and THOUS.  I decided to chance OUTFISH, and that was not the right decision.

Indeed, five seems to be the limit here; the others are SHIFT, SHOUT / SOUTH, HOOFS, SHOOT / HOOTS / SOOTH, and TOFUS.

My selection: [invalid -- OUTFISH]

Round 3: Target 502 from 50 25 2 1 8 9

An easy application of the standard method -- keep the 2 aside, and get to 500 then add: 502 = (9 + 1)*50 + 2.

My selection: 502 = (9 + 1)*50 + 2

Round 4: E S A I C N A D R

I had CASE, CASEIN ("the major group of proteins in milk [...]"), CANDIES, CANARIES, RADIANCE, and RADIANCES.  I went for the full monty but expected it to be a grey area as to whether it would be acceptable.  The question of whether RADIANCE is a mass noun is not completely straightforward, in part as it is listed as a synonym for RADIATION which describes the act as well as the result.  I have sympathies for each side of the debate (and I note that RADIANCES would not be legal in Countdown).  I've decided there's enough wiggle room here to declare RADIANCES valid.

The other eight here is CESARIAN.

My selection: RADIANCES

Round 5: A X O M K A E R B

I had MAKE, MAKER, BREAK, AMBER, BORAX, and AMOEBA.  After time I saw the option of BOXMAKER, which was tempting enough that I'd have probably tried it if I had seen it within time.  It is not valid, however, so my slowness paid off.

The other six on offer here is EMBARK.

My selection: AMOEBA

Round 6: Target 295 from 75 6 10 4 1 8

Another clear-cut application of the standard method: 295 = 4*75 - (6 - 1).

My selection: 295 = 4*75 - (6 - 1)

Round 7: M E N S M F A S A

That duplication does make things difficult; I had FENS, NAMES, rightly rejected SEAMSMAN (thinking perhaps it might be a male seamstress, or a seam bowler in cricket), and MANSES (MANSE: "(originally) the dwelling of a landholder, with the land attached").

The other six is SEAMAN.

My selection: MANSES

Round 8: Target 242 from 50 4 4 7 8 9

I wanted to use the factorisation 11*22 = 2*11*11, but could not see how to make it work.  (Seen just now: 242 = (50 + 8 - 9*4)*(7 + 4).)  Fortunately I considered the standard method again and realised that the offset of 8 was already present; the rest was straightforward: 242 = (9 - 4)*50 - 8.

My selection: 242 = (9 - 4)*50 - 8


I selected this conundrum after being presented with a similar unusable one.

My selection: [N/A -- conundrum chosen explicitly]


Louise Molloy said...

1. cleared
2. shout
3. 50x(9+1) +2=502
4. dancers
5. baker
6. (75x4)-(6-1)=295
7. amass
8. (9-4)x50 -8=242
9. X peacemaker...

Mike Backhouse said...

Louise's way
Louise's way after time
x- seeing Louise's close answer, I realised it must be PACEMAKER

Victor said...

3. Louise's way
4. RADIANCE (not risking RADIANCES since it's a mass noun)
6. Louise's way
8. Louise's way, yet again
9. PACEMAKER - 118s, unlucky Louise!

Sam Gaffney said...

3. 502 = (9+1)*50 + 2
6. 295 = 4*75 - 6 + 1
8. 242 = (9-4)*50 - 8
9. PACEMAKER - 18.0s. Disappointed with the time, got caught up trying to use a CK block.

Geoff Bailey said...

Bad luck with PEACEMAKER, Louise -- I hadn't even noticed that potential pitfall.

Mike: MENSA is only listed in the Macquarie as a proper noun, alas.

Victor: A reasonable concern about RADIANCE (I debated over whether to go for the plural or not). Countdown agrees with you. I can see arguments each way; in particular, the Macquarie says that RADIANCE is a synonym of RADIATION, one of whose definitions is "the act or process of radiating". My general interpretation is that acts are pluralisable, hence I come down on the side of RADIANCES being valid.

I would not be unduly surprised if David ended up ruling the other way.

Sam: Nice find of CALENDER -- I considered it briefly, but thought I was just misspelling CALENDAR. Thanks for the vocabulary increase!