Tuesday, 4 March 2014

NG 332

New game 332 is now available.

Round 1: A E T O O R S G H

I had ROTA, ROOST, HOSTAGE, and SHORTAGE.  I amused myself with the idea of an AEROGHOST or GOATHORSE, but not seriously.

The other eight is ROOTAGES.  The other sevens are ROOTAGE, GATHERS, HOOTERS / SHOOTER / RESHOOT / SOOTHER, STORAGE, and ORGEATS (ORGEAT: "a syrup or drink made from almonds (originally from barley), sugar, and a water prepared from orange flowers").

Note that -- as discussed in a comment on one of my posts about word validity -- EARSHOT is only given in the Macquarie in combination, so would not be allowed (or so I interpret it).

My selection: SHORTAGE

Round 2: U B I G E R R C N

I had GIBE, BRIG, an uncertain BURIER (valid), an uncertain CUBING, wanted to turn the B into another R for RECURRING, CURING, CRINGE, wondered about CRINGER (valid), and CURBING for a valid seven at last.  After time I noted BRINGER as another seven.

The other sevens are BURRING and BRUCINE (an alkaloid similar to strychnine).

My selection: CURBING

Round 3: Target 217 from 100 4 8 9 10 5

The target is 7*31 but that seemed hard to exploit.  Instead I noticed that my normal approach with a different large number would be to make this as 9*25 - 8, and then made the 25 to get the solution 217 = (100/4)*25 + 8.  I also noted a more tradition use of the standard method for 217 = (10/5)*100 + 9 + 8.

My selection: 217 = (100/4)*9 - 8

Round 4: I O P O M M N P E

I had MOON, PIMP, POMMIE, and POOPIE (not valid, nor is POOPY; I'm a bit surprised by that).

POMMIE is a slight borderline case: It is listed as a variant spelling of POMMY, and one of the definitions of POMMY notes that lowercase is acceptable.  Strictly speaking, no such note is made for POMMIE but I regard this as simply an artefact of the presentation and consider that POMMIE should be valid.  Of course, I'm not entirely impartial about this.

The other sixes are POMPOM, POMPON (variant form of POMPOM), and PEPINO (a type of shrub).

My selection: POMMIE

Round 5: D T E S O S L O L

I had DOTES, TOSSED, rightly rejected DOTLESS and LOOTLESS / TOOLLESS (this latter would be valid in Scrabble, apparently), an uncertain STOOLED (valid, as I mentioned in episode 423; STOOL as a verb is "to throw up shoots from the base or root, as a plant"), and LOOSEST.

Seven does seem to be the best to be done, with the others being TOLEDOS (TOLEDO having an acceptable lower case form: "a type of sword or sword blade") and LOTOSES (LOTOS being a variant spelling of LOTUS).

My selection: LOOSEST

Round 6: Target 650 from 50 75 100 9 6 6

Rather easy to make 650 = 6*100 + 50 from this.  I played around with it a bit, though, to get an alternative solution via a scenic route: 650 = ((9*100)/75 + 6/6)*50.

My selection: 650 = 6*100 + 50

Round 7: C S A E T M U B R

I had CASE, TEAMS, rejected SUBTEAM (correctly so), CAMBERS, and CURATES.

Good letters, but there does not seem to be an eight.  The other sevens are MATURES / STRUMAE (plural of STRUMA: "Botany a cushion-like swelling on an organ, as that at one side of the base of the capsule in many mosses""), and CUMBERS (CUMBER: "to hinder; hamper"; essentially a shorter form of ENCUMBER).

My selection: CURATES

Round 8: Target 302 from 100 75 4 6 2 2

Another easy numbers round, but this time I did not find anything particularly noteworthy after 302 = 4*75 + 2.

My selectioni: 302 = 4*75 + 2


I was perhaps reminded a bit of episode 324 with this mix, as I found CUDGELLED quickly (by my standards).

My selection: CUDGELLED (2.2s)


Louise Molloy said...

1. shooter
2. burring
3. (10/5x100)+8+9=217
4. opine
5. tossed
6. 6x100+50=650
7. cambers
8. (6/2x100)+2=302
9. x

Easier numbers after last night's!

Mike Backhouse said...

BURGER and then after time CURBING
Louise's way
Louise's way
Louise's way (yet again!)

Mike Backhouse said...

Checked my second edition and game 4 (POMMIE) should have ended with a Y not IE, although POMMIES would have been ok had there been a S in the mix.

Geoff Bailey said...

Yes, dramatically easier numbers tonight. Oh, well... *chuckles*

Mike: I like BURGER -- annoyed that I missed it (although I did spot other sixes). And POMMIE -- which was my choice also -- is slightly borderline but not for the reason you suggest; POMMIE is listed as an alternative spelling of POMMY in the fifth edition. The drawback is that the note about lowercase acceptability is only attached to the POMMY spelling, but I regard that as a limitation of their format and am assuming that POMMIE is valid.

Sam Gaffney said...

Series 3 quarter-finalist and Cricinfo reporter Brydon Coverdale just won $307,000 on Channel 7's "Million Dollar Minute" game show. If you are going to do well in a game show, it really pays to appear on one that has prizes.

3. 217 = 100*10/5 + 9 + 8
6. 650 = 6*100 + 50
7. x SACREUM. Was suss, but just couldn't see a safe six.
8. 302 = (6*100 + 4)/2
9. CUDGELLED - 7.3s

Geoff Bailey said...

Heh, too true, Sam. That said, I am confident that I enjoyed being on L&N more than I would being on the Million Dollar Minute. Still, $300K could make up for a certain amount of that difference... *chuckles* Thanks for the information!

SACRUM is a safe six you could have made from SACREUM, incidentally. Although I'd put CRATES / TRACES / REACTS as more findable.

Sam Gaffney said...

Oops, I meant a safe seven. I was aware of SACRUM.

Geoff Bailey said...

Ah, that makes more sense.