Saturday, 14 February 2015

Weekly summary: Episodes 256 to 260

It's been an interesting week of games, with solid results against the contestants.  The first half was particularly good, as I was only just short of matching David and Lily, then did manage to do so on Wednesday.  Things fell off a little after that, but it was pretty satisfactory scoring despite my usual grumbling.  Plus twice I managed to find a longer word than David could, and that's always a very satisfying thing to do.

David + Lily8674947778
Me (solo)8564946175

The week started with two close games, resulting in tiebreaker conundrums.  Rebecca played well to defeat Judithe on Monday, and then was perhaps a little unlucky on Tuesday when the letters rounds were not helpful.  Cameron defeated Rebecca, but then Emily burst onto the scene with a scintillating first game on Wednesday.  Another good win followed, but fatigue seemed to take it's toll on Friday, and Jodi-Ann finished the week as champion.  Lots of turnover this week; the limited leaderboard looks like this:

Martin Gabor56585244220
Judithe Hall625143156
Emily Hawker675329149
Rebecca Skovron533689
Shyam Subramaniam472572
Cameron Begley46551
Jodi-Ann Menzies*4949
Brad Tucker4141

There were three full monties on offer this week, all found by David (and myself, although I had the foreknowledge advantage in one case).  Wednesday served up a very tough numbers round, but other than that Lily was on track throughout.

Full Monties123
Missed Full Monties0
Tough Numbers11
Impossible Numbers0

My maximum counts improved across the board from last week (well, same number of conundrums solved).  So that's good.

Maximums: L24532
C21 (of 2)1-1
Invalid: L-----

Contestants sorted by average score:

Martin Gabor220455.00
Judithe Hall156352.00
Emily Hawker149349.67
Jodi-Ann Menzies*49149.00
Rebecca Skovron89244.50
Brad Tucker41141.00
Daniel McNamara40140.00
Shyam Subramaniam72236.00
Emma Watson31131.00
Matthew Matten28128.00
Cameron Begley51225.50

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