Thursday, 11 June 2015

Charity Letters and Numbers Event in Melbourne on July 12

For anyone in Melbourne, or who is suitable keen to have an excuse to travel to Melbourne, there is going to be a Letters and Numbers event there on July 12.  The event is to raise money for UNICEF's School-in-a-Box initiative.  David Astle will be moderating it, and I gather that several familiar players will be playing.  The flyer is below, and a link to the larger (and more readable) version is here.

Update: The organiser has provided further information; read his comment below for extended details.  The list of players is:
  • Sam Gaffney (Champion, Masters series; Champion, series 4)
  • Andrew Fisher (Champion, series 1)
  • Naween Fernando (Runner-up, series 1)
  • Jeremy Schiften (Runner-up, series 3)
  • Tamara McMahon (Semi-finalist, series 2)
  • Anthony Kendall (Semi-finalist, series 3)
  • Trevor Halsall (Australian Scrabble champion, 1994)
The eight spot is reserved for the winner of a pre-game competition between the audience members and Anand Bharadwaj (World Youth Scrabble champion, 2011).


Sam G said...

Hmm, it says past L & N champions - nothing about present ones.

Kannan Sethuraman said...

Thanks Geoff for posting this invitation. Let me give some more details here for the interested. Due to lack of space in the flyer, I could not give all the details. So far, we have had confirmed participation from the following players: 1. Sam Gaffney ( L&N Series 4 L&N champion, Masters Series Champion), 2. Andrew Fisher (Series 1 L&N champion, World Scrabble Championship runner-up, 2011, multiple time winner of Australian National Scrabble championship), 3. Naween Fernando (series 1 L&N runner-up, multiple time winner of Australian National Scrabble Championship ), 4. Jeremy Schiften (Series 3 L&N runner-up) 5. Tamara McMahon(Series 2 L&N semi-finalist) 6. Anthony Kendall (Series 3 L&N semi-finalist) 7. Trevor Halsall (1994 Winner of Australian Scrabble Championship).

We are planning to run a pre-game wild card entry event at 12.15 where the audience get to play L&N type game and the winner of the event will get to go against Anand Bharadwaj (who is organising this event and who is the youngest to win the World Youth Scrabble Championship in 2011). The winner of that knockout game between Anand and audience wildcard event winner will join the above seven in a knockout tourney. The details are still being worked out and hence they are expected to change. We are also planning to run an event for kids if there is sufficient interest during the pre game event.

We are looking forward to a fun-filled event and hopefully we will raise good money for a worthy cause.

Kannan Sethuraman (Anand's father)

Geoff Bailey said...

Thanks, Kannan. I have updated the post to include some of the above information.

Mike Backhouse said...

Looks fantastic. Are you going Geoff?

And it would be great if they could video tape it and put it on youtube for all of us who don't live in Melbourne.

Geoff Bailey said...

I won't be attending, alas -- in the end it was just a bit to inconvenient to manage getting to Melbourne. I agree that video would be nice, although that sounds like the sort of thing that might have to get further agreement from SBS. I'm hoping that Sam and/or Anand will take notes and maybe provide a guest post about it.

Mike Backhouse said...

I thought I would see if I could fly down for the day from the Sunshine Coast but there are no flights down in the morning. Love to have gone though. I'll be interested to hear any comments Sam has to offer. And Sam, good luck. You'll be hard to beat, although I see how the vagaries of the game can cause upsets.