Tuesday, 6 October 2015

NG 692

New game 692 is now available.

The re-run is episode 395; its rounds are here and its writeup is here.

Round 1: E S D N G I O R E

I had SEND, DEIGNS, REDOING, SEEDING, IGNORED, noted that a final A instead of that E would have given the usual trio of full monties (ORGANISED / GRANDIOSE / ORGANDIES), REGIONS, rightly rejected REGIONED and REDOINGS, and ERODING.  It really felt like there was at least an eight here, but it was not until after time that I finally saw RESIGNED.

The other eights are DESIGNER / REDESIGN / REEDINGS (REEDING as a noun: "a small convex or semicylindrical moulding, resembling a reed"), INDORSEE, and ERINGOES (ERINGO is listed as a variant spelling of the herb ERYNGO).

My selection: IGNORED

Round 2: P R I B V O M O N

I had ROMP, MORON, MINOR, and decided to take a chance on IMPROV.  Alas, it is not valid.

There are some other fives, but the valid six in the mix is MORION ("an open helmet with a tall comb and a curved brim merging into a peak at front and back").

My selection: [invalid -- IMPROV]

Round 3: Target 832 from 50 25 75 8 9 6

I was not able to apply the standard method here, but eventually found success with the factorisation 8*104 via 832 = 8*(50 + 6*9).

My selection: 832 = 8*(50 + 6*9)

Round 4: S M O C A D H O U

I had a dubious COAMS (not valid; COAMING is a noun, not a verb form), CHAOS, MOCHAS, and SMOOCH.

Six is the limit here; the others are MACHOS, MUCOSA ("a mucous membrane"), SMOUCH (variant spelling of SMOOCH), SUMACH (variant spelling of SUMAC), CHOOMS (CHOOM being colloquial for "an Englishman"), and MOHUAS (MOHUA being a type of bird found in New Zealand).

My selection: SMOOCH

Round 5: E O F T R I U L N

I had FORT, FETOR, FRUIT, FOULER, a slightly uncertain FLOUTER (valid), ROUTINE, and OUTLINE.  After time I noted other sevens of RETINOL and FORTUNE.

The eights are FLUORINE and FLUORITE.  The other sevens are LOFTIRE / TREFOIL, OUTLIER, FLUTIER, ELUTION, and FLEURON ("an ornamental flower-like design, used in printing, architecture, pastry-garnishing, etc.").

My selection: ROUTINE

Round 6: Target 165 from 8 7 1 9 2 4

The target is 11*15, leading easily to 165 = (9 + 2)*(7 + 8).  While looking for alternatives I considered working up from 144 and so found 165 = 2*8*9 + 7*(4 - 1).

My selection: 165 = (9 + 2)*(7 + 8)

Round 7: T O E A H B T N E


BENEATH is the only seven.  The other sixes are ETHANE, BEATEN, BATTEN, and BOTNET ("a collection of zombie PCs infected with software specifically designed to create a network of systems for attack").

My selection: BENEATH

Round 8: Target 836 from 100 75 5 1 8 8

I wrote down the obvious fallback of 839 = 8*(100 + 5) - 1, then went looking for other options.  I got sidetracked for a while trying to make 900 - 8*8, but success came when I tried to work down from 875.  The offset is 39, which is 5*8 - 1, and a tweak rounds it out: 836 = 5*(100 + 75 - 8) + 1.

There's a few other solutions, but one that I like uses the factorisation 11*76 to get 836 = (75 + 1)*(8 + 8 - 5).

My selection: 836 = 5*(100 + 75 - 8) + 1


I chose this after being presented with the similar INTRUSTED (also valid, but rather less common).

My selection: [N/A -- chosen]

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Mike Backhouse said...

MOODS and wondered about MOCHAS
(9+1)*8*2+4=164 (1 off and went over)
8*(100+5)-8+1=833 (3 off)
x jumped in with UNDERTEST