Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Weekly summary: Episodes 119 to 123

It was a pretty good week, although I was only able to match David and Lily once.  I nearly did so on Monday, but was too slow on the conundrum.  On Tuesday and Friday I was just a point behind (thanks to some good solving from David), and on Thursday I did manage to match them.  Wednesday was really the only day I was rather off the pace, and I did pick up the consolation prize of outdoing Lily in one numbers round.

David + Lily8575748688
Me (solo)7574698687

Jack was beaten in his fifth game, then Peter lost to Oli.  Oli swept the rest of the games, sometimes in quite one-sided fashion.  We'll see him in the finals, I'm sure.

Matthew Thomason466449445265310
Jack Dell5973405036258
Brett Chaiyawat2559284234188
Oli Bryant*71466055232
Luke Brattoni535244149
Kathryn James464136123
Jason Dunn5943102
Raf Goodens593998

David found three full monties this week (and I was happy that I matched him there).  One obscure one eluded us, though.  A difficult numbers round on Wednesday proved troublesome, but aside from that it was smooth sailing for Lily.

Full Monties1113
Missed Full Monties11
Tough Numbers11
Impossible Numbers0

I was close to maximal games three times this week, and can take comfort from David missing the maximal options in the round I dropped (although he did find a better word once).  I was too slow for Monday's conundrum, but the rest fell into line, and the numbers maxima were right up there (with the exception on Wednesday that also eluded Lily).  All in all, a lot to be happy about.

Maximums: L42144

Contestants sorted by average score:

Oli Bryant*232458.00
Matthew Thomason310651.67
Jack Dell258551.60
Jason Dunn102251.00
Luke Brattoni149349.67
Raf Goodens98249.00
Ryan Turk48148.00
Jonathan Goodman44144.00
Kathryn James123341.00
Jodi Knight82241.00
Peter Stephenson78239.00
Brett Chaiyawat188537.60
Janine Huan37137.00
Aram Kalyanasundaram36136.00
David Waddell71235.50
Jayden Spudvilas-Powell34134.00
Ben Ripley32132.00
Bryce Lawrence30130.00
Liam Murphy18118.00
Basil Theophilos18118.00
Seb Dworkin17117.00
Vanessa Rule15115.00
Dane Watkins15115.00
Rhys McCaig13113.00
Matt Bolton12112.00

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