Sunday, 18 September 2016

Much overdue status update

Apologies for the long silence here.  Once I got behind, the effort involved in catching up made it less appealing, leading to the obvious negative feedback loop.  So here's what will be happening: On Monday night I'll be putting up the rest of the bare-bones summaries (and placeholder statistics pages).  I'll then aim to resume the detailed writeups from Monday, and gradually work through the backlog and put up the longer descriptions.  There were a couple of good contestant runs in that period (particularly Tamara) that I'm sad I did not get around to blogging in a timely fashion.

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Mike Backhouse said...

Thanks for the update Geoff. I was worried I might be the last man standing. As ever, much appreciation for your work in maintaining this wonderful site. I just wish it attracted the sort of interest that it deserves.