Sunday, 2 October 2016

Weekly summary: Episodes 186 to 190

I had a vastly more consistent week this time, always being close to David and Lily even if I only managed to equal them once.  That's always something to be happy about, though!  I've had a pretty good run this series, although I think it's safe to say I would not have done nearly as well at the time of airing.  Keeping this blog going has unquestionably improved my game.

David + Lily7784777577
Me (solo)7684737373

Tony went all the way, taking the top spot as he had seemed likely to do, and pushing Greg off the leaderboard.  Robyn won on Thursday, but then lost to Kylie; there's not enough games left before the finals for Kylie to get onto the leaderboard, so the top eight for the finals are now determined.

Tony Loui528344624952342
Tamara McMahon546463525448335
Barry Harridge755145543959323
Matthew Thomason466449445265310
Victor Tung442951434742256
Oli Bryant714660555432318
Richard Hartley565357424232282
Jack Dell5973405036258

Only one full monty was available this time, a sharp decline after the five from last week.  A numbers round proved to be too tough for Lily on Tuesday, and the rareness of that demonstrates just how very good she is.  There was also an impossible target on Thursday, but there's not much to be said about that.

Full Monties11
Missed Full Monties0
Tough Numbers11
Impossible Numbers11

I feel decent about my letters performance this week, but I did drop a couple more numbers maxima than I should have -- I just have to spot those better options within time.  I did solve all five conundrums within time, although Gillian did just beat me to the answer on Wednesday.

Maximums: L45333

Contestants sorted by average score:

Kylie Thompson*58158.00
Tony Loui342657.00
Tamara McMahon335655.83
Barry Harridge323653.83
Oli Bryant318653.00
Peter Kougi52152.00
Matthew Thomason310651.67
Jack Dell258551.60
Rohan Long153351.00
Jason Dunn102251.00
Colwyn Buckland51151.00
Brian Morgan151350.33
Luke Brattoni149349.67
Mel Cox149349.67
Rob Hunt99249.50
Raf Goodens98249.00
Gary Beer49149.00
Ryan Turk48148.00
Jeremy Rosen95247.50
Richard Hartley282647.00
Samuel Hastings186446.50
Daniel Drumm92246.00
Tom Fooks133344.33
Jonathan Goodman44144.00
Robyn Lee86243.00
Victor Tung256642.67
Greg Beers211542.20
Kannan Sethuraman210542.00
Kathryn James123341.00
Jodi Knight82241.00
Avi Chanales163440.75
Margaret Frangos79239.50
Peter Stephenson78239.00
Paula Messer77238.50
Brett Chaiyawat188537.60
Janine Huan37137.00
Had Thomas37137.00
Aram Kalyanasundaram36136.00
Luke Warden72236.00
Pat Sincock71235.50
David Waddell71235.50
Damien Chua35135.00
Ralph Lurie35135.00
Helen Hewitt34134.00
Jayden Spudvilas-Powell34134.00
Michael Bakker66233.00
Nathan Boadle33133.00
Alison Crowe33133.00
Chris Cincotta32132.00
Everson Kandare32132.00
Cameron Ling32132.00
Neil McInnes32132.00
Ben Ripley32132.00
Felix Johnson95331.67
Mike Vitale63231.50
Howard Smith62231.00
John Marsiglio31131.00
Gillian Stevens31131.00
Alex Ford30130.00
Bryce Lawrence30130.00
Jon Avotins29129.00
Matt Pitcher29129.00
Kapil Chauhan28128.00
Tim Shiel28128.00
Graham Smith55227.50
Phillip Gao27127.00
Anna Gunn27127.00
David Gunn27127.00
Glen Chandler26126.00
Steve Simmons25125.00
Nicky Henderson24124.00
Preeti Goel23123.00
Louise Kuchmar23123.00
Vikas Ahuja22122.00
Daniel Goff21121.00
Laurence Guttman21121.00
Richard King21121.00
Mark Povey21121.00
Rob Carter20120.00
Rosemary Stafford20120.00
Nicky Betts19119.00
Liam Murphy18118.00
Basil Theophilos18118.00
Jenni Bradford17117.00
Seb Dworkin17117.00
Frank Rice15115.00
Vanessa Rule15115.00
Dane Watkins15115.00
Dan Boxshall14114.00
Cathy Henry14114.00
Susan Bee13113.00
Mali Konda13113.00
Rhys McCaig13113.00
Matthew Ball12112.00
Matt Bolton12112.00
Kym Logan616.00

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