Sunday, 4 December 2011

About this blog

This has been going for long enough for the original post to be a bit hard to find, so I thought I'd aggregate links to various useful posts here.  It's sparse at the moment, but will presumably grow in time.  The quick summary is that this is a record of how Letters and Numbers would go if each episode were a three-cornered match with me as the third contestant.  The longer version can be found in the introductory post.

I was a contestant on the show, starting at episode 325; I have written a little about the process of becoming a contestant, and of being a contestant.

I started this blog at the beginning of series 4, although I have been watching since midway through series 2.  I hope that SBS will eventually show the old episodes again so that I can add the first three series in, but I doubt that they will.


Maureen Holt said...

Hi Geoff do you know how toget in touch with Pam Fichtner she is a friend I have known for a long time ( as distinct from "an old friend"!) and I have lost touch. I will try the Bureua of Stats but if poss can you give her my number 0413489173?
Thanks, Maureen Holt.

Geoff Bailey said...

(For anyone wandering by here later, Pam Fichtner was a contestant on episode 374.)

Sorry, Maureen -- aside from a few contestants who have responded to this blog I have no contact details for any of them. Good luck with the Bureau of Statistics!

Unknown said...

Hi Geoff, any idea if there's anywhere to watch old episodes online? My friend was on it in episode 345 (Andy). We've been on the lookout for it!

Thanks, Ben

Geoff Bailey said...

That was Sam's fifth game, but I'm not aware of it being online anywhere. I wish that SBS would put the episodes up on Youtube -- it's not like they have any real resale value at this point -- but I can't see it happening. Maybe you could write to them and ask.

Unknown said...

Hi Geoff, I'm Rob Fischer, one of the last contestants. Great blog!

Geoff Bailey said...

Hey, Rob! Glad to hear from you. And thank you!