Saturday, 26 November 2011

Weekly summary: Episodes 321 to 325

Obviously a good set for me this week, but with memory coming into play several times that is not surprising.  Daniel missed out on retiring by the barest of margins, but must surely make the finals based on what we've seen so far.

David + Lily7777767876

Current rankings:

Shaun Ellis435638594044280
Daniel Chua445956533652300
Nick Terry71465535

Alex van der Kooij42513525

Peter Crop616031

Colin Jones365619


There were no full monties (missed or otherwise), tough numbers, or impossible numbers this week.  That seems unusual, and a little bland.

Contestants averaging over 30 points a game:

Ryan Sutton57157.00
Geoff Bailey55*1*55.00
Nick Terry217454.25
Peter Crop152350.67
Daniel Chua300650.00
Natasha Podesser47147.00
Shaun Ellis280646.67
Michael Nichols90245.00
Karla Treves90245.00
Sandy Clarke45145.00
James Godfrey45145.00
Nick Compton44144.00
David Bradley77238.50
Alex van der Kooij153438.25
Adrian Lonigro38138.00
Colin Jones111337.00
Ilona Coote36136.00
Kane Gross34134.00
Mitchell Fly33133.00
Hannah Marshall33133.00
Sushma Garudadwajan62231.00


Daniel Chua said...

Hey Geoff, Ryan told me about your blog! This is impressive :)

Geoff Bailey said...

Ah, glad to see that you found my little corner of the web. I hope that you enjoy it, and feel free to play along against me. :)

Daniel Chua said...

Also, very close game you had on your last one. It's the conundrums which really can be so decisive sometimes :)

Geoff Bailey said...

Yes... *sighs ruefully* But I had my chances to avoid the conundrum mattering... stupid hindsight. *laughs*