Saturday, 31 December 2011

Weekly summary: Episodes 346 to 350

Things are certainly easier now that Sam has retired, but he's keeping me on my toes with his comments -- thanks, Sam!  Welcome to Karen, and any other new readers who have found their way here.  I'm back in winning form this week, with my last two games being particularly good and culminating in my high score of the series so far; going much higher will probably require getting two full monties.

David + Lily7077777688

Sam is a worthy retiring champion on a total that seems extremely unlikely to be beaten any time soon.  Meanwhile, Sebastian has definitely pushed Peter Crop out of contention for the finals, and needs just 8 points to overtake Alex van der Kooij.  A win would move him into fifth place, shunting me down a spot; that bodes ill for my finals chances, seeing as we're only just over halfway through the series.

Sam Gaffney518162676455380
Toby Baldwin594854434844296
Shaun Ellis435638594044280
Daniel Chua445956533652300
Geoff Bailey55646563

Nick Terry71465535

Alex van der Kooij42513525

Sebastian Ham394958


It's been a sparse week for the full monties, but one turned up at the end.  Lily struggled with the numbers on Monday but things proceeded  much more smoothly thereafter.

Full Monties

Missed Full Monties

Tough Numbers2

Impossible Numbers


Contestants averaging over 30 points a game:

Sam Gaffney380663.33
Geoff Bailey247461.75
Jimmy Driscoll61161.00
Leanne Cox57157.00
Ryan Sutton57157.00
Nick Terry217454.25
Tim Clay51151.00
Peter Crop152350.67
Daniel Chua300650.00
Lainie Mercieca99249.50
Toby Baldwin296649.33
Sebastian Ham146*3*48.67
Natasha Podesser47147.00
Shaun Ellis280646.67
Brett Edwards139346.33
Michael Nichols90245.00
Karla Treves90245.00
Sandy Clarke45145.00
James Godfrey45145.00
Megan Marks133344.33
Nick Compton44144.00
Nathan Dixon41141.00
David Bradley77238.50
Alex van der Kooij153438.25
Adrian Lonigro38138.00
Colin Jones111337.00
Ann Vasconcelos73236.50
Ilona Coote36136.00
Kane Gross34134.00
Duncan Butler33133.00
Mitchell Fly33133.00
Hannah Marshall33133.00
Hiep Do98332.67
Susan Cumming32132.00
Sushma Garudadwajan62231.00

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