Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Finals preview (series 4): Rankings

It came down to the very last game of the series, but the finalists are sorted out.  Roman just edged ahead of Christopher and even more barely remained behind Sebastian by a single point.  The rankings:

Sam Gaffney518162676455380
Alan Nash607352544369351
Kerin White555646636551336
Toby Baldwin594854434844296
Shaun Ellis435638594044280
Daniel Chua445956533652300
Sebastian Ham3949584045
Roman Turkiewicz6844574516

With the exception of Roman, all of the other finalists would have had a fair amount of time to practice and get better.  (I certainly did so when it looked like I would make it; I've lost some of that edge since then as has shown up in the numbers, but I've gained somewhat on the letters through constructing this blog.)  I will be interested to see how they have progressed; I'm afraid that Roman will be at a big disadvantage due to that lack of practice, and I'd be highly surprised to see him advance to the semifinals.


Sam Gaffney said...

Hi Geoff and fellow readers, I've posted my results comments for all the episodes I missed, from 376 up until tonight, I had been on holiday. I haven't put them up for 393, as I watched some of the game live and my answers would reflect a slight advantage.

If your meticulously-kept statistics are correct, SBS may have made a boo-boo somewhere in the seedings...

Geoff Bailey said...

I've checked the scores a few times, and I believe they are correct. I'm certainly more inclined to believe an error on the part of SBS at this point. A shame, perhaps, but I don't anticipate it making that much difference in the end.

Jacob D said...

Interestingly I think a similar boo boo (or woopsie) was made in the series 3 seedings. 2nd seed Colin accumulated 5 more points than I did in the 6 nights, yet I was still ranked no.1 and he was no.2! No complaints from me looking back though :) Perhaps there's another criteria other than cumulative score (i.e difficulty of players' rounds) that sbs considers when seeding? No pressure on Sam but every no.1 seed so far has won their series!

Geoff Bailey said...

Interesting snippet, Jacob! If SBS gets around to showing the old episodes, as I hope they will do some day, I'll have to keep an eye out for that.

Sam Gaffney said...

Stop pressuring me, Jacob D! Interesting boo-boo precedence...

Mark said...

Are the finals pre-recorded?

Geoff Bailey said...

Yes, they were recorded back at the beginning of Novemeber -- the 5th (a Saturday, as Lily's shoulder injury had pushed back filming by a day) and the 7th. There were posts on the Letters and Numbers facebook and twitter accounts soliciting audience members for them.

(And similarly for the upcoming Masters series, but they'll start promoting that after the finals finish, I imagine.)