Saturday, 5 May 2012

Weekly Summary: Episodes 436 to 440

Regression to the mean definitely kicked in this week, or maybe it was the deleterious effects of work.  It sill included some good results, though, and prior to last week I would have been very happy with it.  The high point was managing to outscore the David and Lily combination on Monday -- it is a very rare occurrence, as you might expect.

David + Lily7277778776
Me (solo)7366766470

Simon managed to win his fourth game, although Jean took him all the way to the conundrum.  He went on to successfully retire and moved into second position on the leader board.  The week ended with Rob Fischer starting his run; we'll see next week if he can keep up those winning ways.

Norm Do676258615962369
Simon Walton654749474555308
Ann Russell404846624947292
Ben Fisher555363426021294
Jane Taylor47546440205
Mark Potter41515140183
Ian Phillips575949165
Margaret Zimmer383752127

There were some tricky number mixes this week, but only one of them eluded Lily's eagle eye.  On the letter front there was only one full monty on offer, but it was a doozy.  A great spot from Rob in his first game!

Full Monties11
Missed Full Monties

Tough Numbers11
Impossible Numbers0

The maximums don't really tell the full story here, but the overall tenor of things is correct.  Three decent games to start, and then a rather sad drop towards the end.  Two of the conundrums proved beyond me, but solving three was still above my average.

Maximums: L43321

Contestants sorted by average score:

Norm Do369661.50
Ian Phillips165355.00
Rob Fischer*105252.50
Simon Walton308651.33
Jane Taylor205451.25
Louise Broadbent99249.50
Ben Fisher294649.00
Ann Russell292648.67
Mark Potter183445.75
Diana Greenslade43143.00
Mark O'Carrigan43143.00
Margaret Zimmer127342.67
Craig Hill85242.50
Jean Watson42142.00
Steve Hibbert83241.50
Andrea Boyd40140.00
Gavin Griffith40140.00
Carey McManus76238.00
Neil Croft37137.00
Mark Niciejewski37137.00
Steve Malcolm71235.50
James Cooper35135.00
Philip Scambler35135.00
Andrew Boyden34134.00
Donald Piggott-McKellar34134.00
Peter Ghalayini30130.00
Scott Morrow30130.00
Jack Maloney29129.00
Mathew Thomas57228.50
Brent Dalton26126.00
Marc Lissner26126.00
Ian Wanless26126.00
Zaid Abbas24124.00
Bonnie McAllister23123.00
Kylie Alexander21121.00
Nic Brown21121.00
Susan Morrison21121.00
Cassie Palmer20120.00
John Morris16116.00
Casey Duggan13113.00
Andrew Fischer10110.00
Vishal Gandhi10110.00
Patrick Johns10110.00
Hans Pieterse616.00

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