Friday, 15 March 2013

NG 85

New game 85 is now available.

Round 1: R A M D A G R E A

I had DRAM ("a small drink of liquor"), DRAMA, MARRED, GRADER, and a speculative DAMAGER.  Fortunately that turned out to be allowed.

It's the only seven, too.  The other sixes are DAMAGE, REGARD, and ARMADA.

My selection: DAMAGER

Round 2: L D O T B O E P T


Sevens are the best again; the others are PLOTTED and BLOTTED.

My selection: BOTTLED

Round 3: Target 373 from 100 9 10 7 4 2

The standard method worked easily to give the solution 373 = 4*100 - 9*(10 - 7) (although now that I look at that 373 = 4*100 - 2*10 - 7 might well have been easier).  Then I aimed to avoid the large number entirely and found the alternative solution 373 = (9*4 + 2)*10 - 7.

My selection: 373 = (9*4 + 2)*10 - 7

Round 4: L O R R O I C B U

Not a very helpful set of vowels; I had ROIL, the variant spelling COLOR, then COLOUR and RUBRIC ("a title, heading, direction, or the like, in a manuscript, book, etc., written or printed in red or otherwise distinguished from the rest of the text").

Those turn out to be the only sixes, but there are longer options.  The eight here is BICOLOUR ("of two colours"), and the sevens are BICOLOR (variant spelling of BICOLOUR) and COULOIR ("a steep gorge or gully on the side of a mountain").

My selection: COLOUR

Round 5: N M U E H N O R N

I had MENU, briefly wondered why HUMEN wasn't the plural of HUMAN, RHEUM, rejected HOURMEN, and settled on NEURON for six.

After time I considered NUMENON, but correctly remembered that the right spelling was NOUMENON ("(in Kantian philosophy) that which can be the object only of a purely intellectual (non-sensuous) intuition; essentially, a postulate").

NEURON is the only six; there's a few fives, of which I'll just mention HOMER, MOURN, and HUMOR as more common examples.

Update: Commenter Sam pointed out that DEHORN is another six.

My selection: NEURON

Round 6: Target 450 from 50 75 9 9 3 1

A rather boring target for these letters; I wrote down 450 = 9*50 and left it at that.

My selection: 450 = 9*50

Round 7: S T E U A K C F I

I had SUET, SAUTÉ, STEAK, FACETS, and FAKIES (FAKIE: "Skateboarding a manoeuvre in which the skateboarder rides backwards with the weight balanced as in a normal stance").

After time I finally saw FAUCETS for seven, and it is the only one.  It's a bit annoying to have been so close with FACETS but missed that.

The other sixes are CASKET, CUTIES, FIESTA, FAUCET, FUSTIC (a type of tree or a different shrub), FAUCES ("the cavity at the back of the mouth, leading into the pharynx"), FACIES ("a general appearance of something naturally occurring, as a particular flora, fauna or ecological community"), and ACUTES (ACUTE as a noun referring to the acute accent, as shown on the E of SAUTÉ) / CUESTA ("Geology a landform characterised by an asymmetrical ridge with an abrupt cliff on one side forming the escarpment and a gentle slope on the other forming the back slope").

My selection: FACETS

Round 8: Target 142 from 75 5 1 9 6 3

The target is clearly twice 71, and there's plenty of manouevring room with the small numbers; I went with 142 = (75 - 5 + 1)*6/3.

After time I found a way to stick to small numbers only with 42 = 3*5*9 + 6 + 1.

My selection: 142 = (75 - 5 + 1)*6/3


Pulling out the -LY helped, and the -EDLY ending turned out to be useful this time.  Under three seconds to find the answer of REPUTEDLY seems to be a good result for me considering my usual times.

My selection: REPUTEDLY (2.7s)


Mike Backhouse said...

Well played Geoff as usual! I didn't recognise some words I should have got like HUMOR!

MARRED (had DAMAGER as first choice but was not brave enough)
x-HONER (as in 'one who hones' he said hopefully. But not in my second edition)
Geoff's way

Geoff Bailey said...

Thanks, Mike. Bad luck with HONER -- I confirm that it's not in the fifth edition either. I liked your 373 solution, by the way -- a good example of tweaking to get close and a final adjustment.

Anonymous said...

I've got a little theme going, first MORGUES yesterday, then my round 5 and 7 answers today :S

3. 373 - Mike's way
6. 450 = 9*50
8. 142 = (3 - 1)*(75 - 9 + 5)
9. REPUTEDLY - 2.1s

Victor said...

Sorry, forgot to add my name in above comment. ^

Jan said...

I have been away for the weekend, so catching up on this game.

DAMAGE (like Mike wasn't game to try DAMAGER)
4*100 - 2*10 - 7 = 373
BICOLOUR (I was happy to spot this one)
9*50= 450 and (9-3)*75 = 450
X TACKIES (a Sth African word for foot ware - not in the Macquarie)
(9-6-1)*75 - (3+5) = 142

Sam Gaffney said...

3. 373 (100-7)*4 + 10-9
4. COLOUR (very good, Jan)
5. x UNHORN, didn't spot a five. DEHORN is valid, interestingly.
6. 450 = (9*3 - 9*1)*(75-50)
7. FAKEST (saw FACETS afterwards, but thought a single-syllable adjective suffix would be fine.)
8. 142 = 142 = (75-5+1) * (9+3)/6
9. REPUTEDLY - 2.8s

Geoff Bailey said...

Oh, bravo on getting BICOLOUR, Jan! (And bad luck about TACKIES.)

Nice catch on DEHORN, Sam -- post updated. FAKEST is one of those areas of uncertainty -- it's not explicitly listed, and it's possibly a spelling shift because the E disappears. (Compare, for instance, RUDE / RUDER / RUDEST which is explicitly listed.) I suspect that David has set precedent about this before (in the accepting sense) but I can't recall it offhand.