Wednesday, 20 March 2013

NG 88

New game 88 is now available.

Round 1: A E T B D E M I T

I had BEAT, BATED, wondered if BEATED might be valid somehow (it's not; DEBATE would have been the sensible anagram to try), MEDIATE, and MEDITATE.

That is the only eight (other sources might allow ADMITTEE); the other sevens are ABETTED, EMITTED, TEATIME, BEDTIME, and BEDMATE.

My selection: MEDITATE

Round 2: R D I O B T E O R

I had BIRD, ORBIT, ORBITED, ORBITER, and BROODIER.  I wasn't sure about it, but decided to risk it and that was the right decision.

It's the only eight, too.  The other sevens are ROOTIER, DEORBIT, BROODER, and BROIDER (an archaic synonym for "embroider").

My selection: BROODIER

Round 3: Target 567 from 75 25 50 100 9 7

The factor of 7 is clear; the cofactor is 81, and that is only 6 away from 75.  That led me to the solution 567 = (75 + (100 + 50)/25)*7.  Then I observed that 81 was divisible by 9, and went with the kitchen sink solution 567 = 7*9*(100 + 75 + 50)/25.

My selection: 567 = 7*9*(100 + 75 + 50)/25

Round 4: C O N G E A N M S

I had ONCE, OCEAN, wondered about CONMAN (the Macquarie requires it to be two words), and OCEANS.  That was actually a last-moment write-down; I got completely blocked on this mix.

After time I spotted SONGMAN (and its plural SONGMEN); I wasn't sure about it but I'd probably have chanced it if I saw it within time.  It is defined as "an Aboriginal man who knows and performs the traditional songs of the community".  A little later I also saw MANNOSE (a type of sugar, in the chemical sense).

Seven is the best available; MANGOES was the most common other one, a word that I've had trouble seeing in the past (and which was ably found by Toby Baldwin in the amazing food-themed episode 333).  The others are SONANCE (an obsolete term for "a sound; a tune") / ANCONES (plural of ANCON: "Architecture any projection, as a console, suppoting a cornice or the like"; it's also an anatomical term for the elbow), NONAGES (NONAGE: "any period of immaturity"), and AGNOMEN ("an additional (fourth) name given to a person by the ancient Romans in allusion to some achievement or other circumstance, as Africanus in Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus").  The plural of this last is AGNOMINA, so AGNOMENS is not valid.

My selection: OCEANS

Round 5: R A O T L N O H E

I had TARO, EARTH, LATHER, THRONE, LOATHE, and LOATHER.  I wasn't certain about this at first because I was thinking of the agent noun (one who loathes); although this turns out to be valid, what actually convinced me to go with it was the single syllable rule applied to the adjective LOATH ("reluctant, averse, or unwilling").

After time I saw ALTHORN (a musical instrument also known as an alto horn), wondered about RATHOLE (not listed), ETHANOL, and ANOTHER.

The other two sevens are ENTHRAL and ORTOLAN (a bird, a type of bunting).

My selection: LOATHER

Round 6: Target 589 from 25 100 75 5 9 1

The offsets of 11 and 14 did not look very promising, but then I realised that 14 was 9 + 5, and with the 1 around this brought tweaking options to the table.  I first found 589 = 9*(75 + 1) + 5 - 100, and then the alternative 589 = 5*(100 + 1) + 9 + 75.

My selection: 589 = 9*(75 + 1) + 5 - 100

Round 7: C P D U E U R K R

I had PUCE, PUCKER, and PURRED.  After time I noted down RUCKED and CRUDER as other sixes.

The other six is DUCKER.

My selection: PURRED

Round 8: Target 666 from 75 25 100 9 4 10

As I've mentioned before, I'm familiar with the repeated-digit numbers, and spotted that the target was 9*74 immediately.  (Perhaps also helped by 666 being a target recently in NG 80.)  The required offset of 1 needed a little thought, but it did not take too long to find the solution 666 = (75 - 25*4/100)*9.

My selection: 666 = (75 - 25*4/100)*9

Round 9: RUE PEG TAX

I contemplated going with PURGE E-TAX on this one; maybe I should have, but I didn't like the overlap in meaning.  The EX- and -ATE fragments are tempting, but it still took me a little while to find EXPURGATE ("to amend by removing offensive or objectionable matter").  Like commenter Mike, I probably first encountered this word thanks to Monty Python's bookshop sketch.

My selection: EXPURGATE (15.6s)


Sam Gaffney said...

3. 567 = (75 + (100+50)/25)*7
6. 589 = (100+1)*5 + 75 + 9
8. 666 = (75 - 100/25/4)*9
9. EXPURGATE - 1.1s

Victor said...

Very nice answers there, Sam.

3. 1-away: 568 = 9*75 - 100 - 7
6. 589 = 5*(100 + 1) + 75 + 9
8. 666 = 9*(75 - (4*25)/100)
9. - (haven't heard of this before)

Mike Backhouse said...

Victor, I first heard EXPURGATE in the 1948 show and later Monty Python skit, the Bookshop sketch! It made an indelible impression that I never forgot. Loved ETHANOL. That's one I would have trouble pulling out of the ether. And Sam, at 1.1s, it's just another conundrum for you! Loved your games as usual.

1 off- Victor's way
SONGS (and just after time MANGOES)
5*100+75+9+1=585 (4 away)
9*75-10+(4*25)/100 (didn't finish writing down until just after time)
EXPURGATE 22.9s (as in Olsen's Standard Book of British Birds - the Expurgated Version - the one without the gannet!)

Jan said...

Hey Mike, well done with the conundrum. Like Victor I had never heard of it either.

9*50 + 100 + 25 - 7 = 568. 1 off
MANGES (cranky I missed MANGOES!)
5*(100+1) + 75 + 9 = 589
100/25=4. 9*75 + 4/4 - 10 = 666

Geoff Bailey said...

Congratulations, Sam -- an optimal game, by my reckoning. I was just off it due to missing MANGOES, although my conundrum time was much slower. Well done!

Victor: Nice finds of MANGOES and ETHANOL, and solid numbers to go with them.

Mike: Nice work to get the conundrum, and well done with ABETTED. Also, a good solution to 666 even if just short of time for it.

Jan: Ouch, bad luck on seeing MANGES but not MANGOES. But BROODIER is an excellent result in round 2, so well done!