Monday, 14 April 2014

NG 361

New game 361 is now available.

Round 1: E T S I P T S I T

I fell from grace here, trying TITTIES in desperation.  It's not valid, for the usual reason that the plural form is not explicitly listed (although it is in the phrase TOUGH TITTIES).  Oh, well.  After time I saw TIPSIEST.

My selection: [invalid -- TITTIES]

Round 2: C E L N I A T R A

Another case of being far too slow.  Considerably after time I saw CLARINET for eight, and the next morning I noticed the full monty of NECTARIAL.

My selection: ARTICLE

Round 3: Target 366 from 75 50 6 10 8 4

My selection: 366 = (75 - 10 - 4)*6

Round 4: R J O A C A C R P

My selection: COPRA

Round 5: T L O E A H S B O

My selection: BOATELS

Round 6: Target 631 from 50 7 5 4 7 3

My selection: 631 = (7 + 5)*50 + 7*4 + 3

Round 7: B A F M S U U I S

My selection: IAMBUS

Round 8: Target 423 from 25 1 8 9 7 1

My selection: 423 = (8*(7 - 1) - 1)*9


My selection: LACERATED (21.3s)


Michael Backhouse said...

PITIES (did see a 7 that rhymes with this but would presumably not be allowed)
(5+7)*(50+3)-4=632 (1 off)
FUSS (I am hoping this is a tough mix)

Geoff Bailey said...

Yes, there were some tough mixes today. Nice work with CACAO in particular! I fell from grace by trying the seven-letter word that you alluded to in round one, but it turns out to be invalid for the stupid reason -- the Macquarie only lists the plural form as part of the phrase.

And congratulations on getting the conundrum!

Louise Molloy said...

1. pistes
2. reliant
3. 8x50-4x10+6=366
4. cacao
5. loathes
6. (3x4)x(50+7-5)+7=631
7. amiss
8. (9+8)x25-1-1=423
9. x couldn't get past 'declarate'!

Louise Molloy said...
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Louise Molloy said...

Not sure if 'piste' is in the Macquarie, almost a Benny Hill round with 'tipsiest' 'piste' and 'titties'!