Friday, 25 April 2014

NG 370

New game 370 is now available.

Round 1: R T I O N E I C G


The other eight is GERONTIC ("of or relating to old age").  The sevens are RIOTING, NOTICER, CITRINE / INCITER / CRINITE ("hairy") / NERITIC ("of or relating to the shallow waters near land"), TIERING / IGNITER, GENITOR ("a father in the biological sense, sometimes distinguished from a legal or acting father"), TRICING (TRICE as a verb: "Nautical to pull or haul with a rope"), and ONEIRIC ("of or relating to dreams").

My selection: RECITING

Round 2: E F A E C M N B W

I had FACE, rightly rejected FACEMEN, and BECAME.

Six is the best to be done; the others are MENACE, WEBCAM, CABMEN, and ENFACE ("to write, print, or stamp something on the face of (a note, draft, etc.)").

My selection: BECAME

Round 3: Target 192 from 75 50 6 4 5 7

I recognised the target as 3*64, which is thus 6*32.  I spent a while trying to make it from the small numbers alone, without success, before giving up that restriction and going with 192 = (75 - 50 + 7)*6.

My selection: 192 = (75 - 50 + 7)*6

Round 4: L A R P T I O N E

I had a dubious LARP (an initialism for "live-action role-playing", but as expected it is completely capitalised and hence not valid), PART, TRAIL, PORTAL / PATROL, an uncertain TRAPLINE (not valid), RATLINE, EPILATOR, and wondered about INTERLAP (not valid).

After time I noted down some other options: POINTER / PROTEIN (and confirmed that there was no such word as PROTEINAL), PLAINER, PLANTER,  and then saw another eight of PETIOLAR ("of, relating to, or growing from a petiole"; a PETIOLE is "the stalk by which a leaf is attached to the stem").  And then a bit after that I was forcibly reminded of just how unused I have become to decent letter mixes as I finally found a very familiar pair of RELATION / ORIENTAL.

Later checking showed that TRAPLINE / INTERLAP were both allowed in Scrabble, but the valid anagram of them that I missed was TRIPLANE.  The other eight is ATROPINE (a certain chemical used in eye drops).

My selection: EPILATOR

Round 5: S R S E R E L A A

I had ERRS, SEERS, SEALERS / RESEALS, ARRASES (ARRAS: "a wall hanging"), and rightly rejected LASERERS.

Seven is the best to be done; the others are ERASERS and EARLESS / LEASERS / RESALES.

My selection: SEALERS

Round 6: Target 826 from 75 10 6 8 3 4

A start of 75*11 was clear, getting to just one away, and the final adjustment was easy enough: 826 = (8 + 3)*75 + (6 + 4)/10.  Then I considered the option of 10*82 or 10*83, and found the shorter 826 = (75 + 8)*10 - 4.

My selection: 826 = (75 + 8)*10 - 4

Round 7: M I H T U L E A V

All I had here was HELIUM, although I did not that a final A instead of the V would have allowed HUMILIATE.  After time I noted VALIUM as another six.

Again it looks like six is the best to be done.  The others are AMULET, HAMLET, ULTIMA ("the last syllable of a word"), HALITE (another name for rock salt), HAMULI (plural of HAMULUS: "a small hook or hooklike process, as at the end of a bone"), ELUVIA (plural of ELUVIUM: "a deposit of soil, dust, etc., originating in the place where found as through decomposition of rock"), and TELIUM ("the sorus of the rust fungi bearing teliospores").

My selection: HELIUM

Round 8: Target 949 from 25 100 4 4 9 10

My first thought was to make this as 940 + 9, but I had difficulties with that.  I wrote down a fallback one-off 950 = (100 - (9 - 4))*10, and kept exploring.  Fortunately I managed to find my way to a solution via 925 + 24, although I stared for a little while at 4, 4, 10 before I realised I could make the required 24 from it after all.  The resulting solution is 949 = 9*100 + 25 + 4*(10 - 4).

My selection: 949 = 9*100 + 25 + 4*(10 - 4)


I was not able to solve this one within time; the best I came up with was PLACATES.

My selection: [no answer]


Louise Molloy said...

1. coring
2. became
3. 4x50-75/5+7=192
4. another gamble with 'prelation'
5. leasers
6. (8+3)x75+(10-6)/4=826
7. helium
8. 9x100+25+(10-4)x4=949
9. x

Challenging letters for me again today. Round 1 seemed to have a lot of promise but I couldn't make much of it.

Michael Backhouse said...

LESSER (wondered about RASSLER as American slang but it was not in my second edition)
Louise's way
Geoff and Louse's way
x (was not aware of this word)

Geoff Bailey said...

Heh, considering PRELATION (not valid) was what led me to realise that I'd overlooked RELATION. No joy there for you, I'm afraid.