Monday, 16 June 2014

NG 406

New game 406 is now available.

Round 1: I S O G P F P I C

I had PIGS and COIFS.  Tough mix!

COIFS appears to be the only five, and the best to be done.

Update: Sam pointed out that PIPIS is also there.  Nice find, Sam!

My selection: COIFS

Round 2: E N T C L I I B L

I had CENT, CLIENT, INCITE, BILLET, and ELICIT.  I also observed that a U instead of the second I would have allowed the eight of BULLETIN.

Six is the limit this time around; the others are LENTIL / LINTEL, LECTIN ("a naturally occurring protein found in legumes and grains") / LENTIC ("of, relating to, or inhabiting still waters, as lakes, ponds, etc."), and NIELLI (one plural form of NIELLO: "a black metallic composition, consisting of silver, copper, lead, and sulfur, with which an incised design is filled in to produce an ornamental effect").

My selection: CLIENT

Round 3: Target 446 from 100 3 10 4 7 6

I started with a simple 446 = 4*(100 + 10) + 6, then wondered if I could use the small numbers alone to make the target via 10*44 + 6 or 10*45 - 4.  The latter turned out to work, yielding 446 = (7*6 + 3)*10 - 4.

My selection: 446 = (7*6 + 3)*10 - 4

Round 4: T D A S A I M A R

I had an unsure TADS* (TAD being listed as only part of the phrase A TAD), DATA, STAID, DRAMAS, and lamented that one of those A's had not been an E for DRAMATISE.  After time I noted other sixes of TIARAS / RAITAS and DISARM, and checked up on RADIATAS.  However, RADIATA only gets a mention as part of the compound noun RADIATA PINE, so no joy there.

There are some sevens to be had: ARMADAS, ARAMIDS (ARAMID: "any of a group of strong, lightweight, heat-resistant, synthetic materials, formed into fibres and used in plastics, bulletproof vests, etc."), possibly AMRITAS (AMRITA: "Hindu Mythology the ambrosial drink of immortality"), and arguably TAMARAS (TAMARA: "a mixture of spices, especially cinnamon and cloves, used in Italian cooking").

My selection: DRAMAS

Round 5: F S R E I W K O T

I had FIRES, wanted a final N for FORESKIN (but I should have wanted a final R for FIREWORKS), FOREST, WORKSITE, and FORTIES.  Unfortunately, I talked myself into thinking that WORKSITE would be two words, and stayed with the seven.

WORKSITE looks like the only eight; the other sevens are SWIFTER and FRISKET ("an iron frame to hold in place a sheet of paper to be printed").

My selection: FORTIES

Round 6: Target 376 from 100 75 2 6 10 5

It was hard to go past a start of 5*75, and I was able to make the final adjustment via 376 = 5*75 + 6 - 10/2.  Switching tacks, I found an alternative solution of 376 = (100 + 75 + 10)*2 + 6.

My selection: 376 = 5*75 + 6 - 10/2

Round 7: H N U A L O Y M O


HUMANLY looks like the only seven; the other sixes are HYMNAL and MOOLAH.

My selection: HUMANLY

Round 8: Target 949 from 100 10 7 5 3 1

Descent from 10*100 seemed the way to go, and a tweak soon finished it off: 949 = 10*(100 - 5) - 1.

My selection: 949 = 10*(100 - 5) - 1


I chose this conundrum, after first being presented with HAVENWARD.  I first thought of HANDWAVED, which is not listed, but while checking that I saw the nearby HANDWOVEN and decided to use that.

My selection: [N/A -- conundrum chosen explicitly]


Mike Backhouse said...

POPS (agreed about that terrible mix)
Geoff's simple way
Geoff's way
Geoff's way

Sam Gaffney said...

Your word solver might have missed the Australian word 'PIPIS' in Round 1, Geoff.

3. 446 = (100+10)*4 + 6
6. 376 = (100-6)*10/5*2
8. 949 = (100-5)*10 - 1
9. HANDWOVEN - 19.0s

Geoff Bailey said...

Nice find, Sam! I've updated the post appropriately.