Sunday, 1 March 2015

Weekly summary: Episodes 266 to 270

I started the week with a maximal game, which is always nice.  David and Lily were also on track, so I did not get the win over them, but there's only so much to be done.  I stayed reasonably in touch with them both for the rest of the week, but a mental freeze on Thursday greatly reduced my score when I failed to declare anything in a numbers round.  Friday brought better reward, as I managed to solve a numbers round that eluded Lily, and so achieved that rare solo victory.  My scores were all above 70 for the week, which feels like it could be a first; certainly it's not a common thing.

David + Lily8676758774
Me (solo)8674717676

Anushan won Monday's game, but went down to Brydon on Tuesday.  Brydon carried the rest of the week, getting a bigger score on each game.  He broke the third game barrier, and more importantly got past the fourth game, and we can reasonably expect him to turn up again in the finals unless he completely crashes in his next game.  The limited leaderboard looks like this:

Brydon Coverdale*43475661207
Martin Gabor56585244220
Judithe Hall625143156
Emily Hawker675329149
Anushan Jegatheeswaran504741138
Rachel Furness355440129
Rebecca Skovron533689
Jodi-Ann Menzies492877

There were two full monties this week, both in the first rounds of their respective games.  Hopefully next week will bring more -- they've been a bit thin on the ground recently.  Lily encountered two tough numbers targets, one of which I was pleased to solve within time (although I was lucky to do so).

Full Monties112
Missed Full Monties0
Tough Numbers112
Impossible Numbers0

My maximum counts for the main rounds were essentially the same as last week -- one more letters maximum, one fewer numbers maximum.  However, there was a complete turnaround on the conundrums: This week I solved them all.  That's a pleasant change!

Maximums: L52443
Invalid: L-----

Contestants sorted by average score:

Martin Gabor220455.00
Judithe Hall156352.00
Brydon Coverdale*207451.75
Emily Hawker149349.67
Anushan Jegatheeswaran138346.00
Sasha Quilty45145.00
Rebecca Skovron89244.50
Rachel Furness129343.00
Brad Tucker41141.00
Daniel McNamara40140.00
Jodi-Ann Menzies77238.50
Shyam Subramaniam72236.00
Geoff Walker71235.50
Miles Tilly33133.00
Ajanthan Jegatheeswaran32132.00
Kim Butcher31131.00
Emma Watson31131.00
Cormac Murtagh58229.00
Matthew Matten28128.00
Michael Lithgow27127.00
Cameron Begley51225.50

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