Monday, 16 March 2015

Weekly summary: Episodes 276 to 280

I started the week with a solid enough game, and was fortunately not made to pay for missing several maximums in the letters rounds.  The next three days I managed to tie David and Lily, and that may possibly be a record for me.  Wednesday's result was a little flawed, as one numbers round was further away than Lily's result; they both scored seven points, however.  I finished the week with an unsettled game, and needed to solve the conundrum quickly to avoid a loss to Tina.  Fortunately I did so, and ended up with all solo scores above 70; definitely an above-average week for me.

David + Lily7777837876
Me (solo)7477837873

Paul continued to have a series of close games, but got all the way to his sixth game before his luck ran out.  Scott defeated him on Thursday, and was in turn defeated by Tina to close out the week.  Tina's first game score was an impressively high 72 points.  The limited leaderboard looks like this:

Brydon Coverdale434756617052329
Paul Breen603631645336280
Martin Gabor56585244220
Judithe Hall625143156
Emily Hawker675329149
Anushan Jegatheeswaran504741138
Rachel Furness355440129
Rebecca Skovron533689

It was a parsimonious week, with just one full monty being on offer; David found it.  That same game produced the first impossible numbers target for a while, too.

Full Monties11
Missed Full Monties0
Tough Numbers0
Impossible Numbers11

I had a symmetrical week as far as the maximums went, with many missed opportunities on Monday and Friday.  The middle three days saw me drop one maximum on each day.  I did get all the conundrums, which was nice.

Maximums: L14541
Invalid: L-----

Contestants sorted by average score:

Tina Rose*72172.00
Martin Gabor220455.00
Brydon Coverdale329654.83
Judithe Hall156352.00
Emily Hawker149349.67
Niall Donohue48148.00
Billy Browne47147.00
Paul Breen280646.67
Anushan Jegatheeswaran138346.00
Sasha Quilty45145.00
Rebecca Skovron89244.50
Rachel Furness129343.00
Brad Tucker41141.00
Angela Miezis80240.00
Daniel McNamara40140.00
Scott Ingram78239.00
Jodi-Ann Menzies77238.50
Shyam Subramaniam72236.00
Sneha Pereira36136.00
Geoff Walker71235.50
Miles Tilly33133.00
Ajanthan Jegatheeswaran32132.00
Kim Butcher31131.00
Emma Watson31131.00
Karen Barber30130.00
Johanna Riley30130.00
Cormac Murtagh58229.00
Matthew Matten28128.00
Michael Lithgow27127.00
Barry Cook26126.00
Cameron Begley51225.50
Denver Quadros16116.00

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