Monday, 23 May 2016

Weekly summary: Episodes 104 to 108

Once again I forgot about doing the summary until Monday.  Whoops!  There's not too much difference from last week; decent results but never quite finding those high notes.  As I've noticed happening before, it seems that my performance dropped off toward the end of the week, although that could partly be attributed to some excellent finds from Jodi Knight on Friday.

David + Lily7786727473
Me (solo)7575696970

Luke managed to break that trend of the champion losing, but only for one game.  Kathryn also managed to defend the champion's position once, but lost in turn to David, who then lost to Jodi on the final night.  Jodi had some good results in that game; let's hope she can keep that up!

Brett Chaiyawat2559284234188
Luke Brattoni535244149
Kathryn James464136123
Jason Dunn5943102
Raf Goodens593998
David Waddell383371
Jodi Knight*4848
Aram Kalyanasundaram3636

There was one full monty available this week, ably found by David.  The numbers were a bit more lively in the latter half, with one genuinely unreachable target and two others that were rather difficult.

Full Monties11
Missed Full Monties

Tough Numbers112
Impossible Numbers1

I started out the week doing pretty well on the maxima, and if not for a very poor result in a numbers round would have had a maximal game on Wednesday.  But the late-week curse hit, and I dropped a lot on Thursday and Friday.  The silver lining is that I've solved every conundrum so far, although twice contestants have beaten me to it.

Maximums: L33521

Contestants sorted by average score:

Jason Dunn102251.00
Luke Brattoni149349.67
Raf Goodens98249.00
Jodi Knight*48148.00
Kathryn James123341.00
Brett Chaiyawat188537.60
Aram Kalyanasundaram36136.00
David Waddell71235.50
Rhys McCaig13113.00

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