Monday, 30 May 2016

Weekly summary: Episodes 109 to 113

I got a bit behind this week, due to other engagements; I'm not sure if this ended up affecting any results.  I mostly managed to stay comfortably clear of the contestants, with the exception being Tuesday where Matthew would have tied me if he'd solved the last numbers round.  That was also the highlight game, though, as my solo total managed to equal that of David and Lily.  Aside from that game I was always more than ten points adrift of them, which is disappointing.

David + Lily8770748778
Me (solo)7270627364

This week was all about Matthew, who defeated Jodi in a close game on Monday and then cruised through the next three games.  Ryan gave him a good scare on Friday, but Matthew's excellent conundrum solving ability saw him safely home.  He looks quite likely to be the first retiring champion of the series.

Matthew Thomason*4664494452245
Brett Chaiyawat2559284234188
Luke Brattoni535244149
Kathryn James464136123
Jason Dunn5943102
Raf Goodens593998
Jodi Knight483482
David Waddell383371

David found both full monties this week, and it's been an excellent set of games from him.  There was one numbers round that temporarily stumped Lily (and was responsible for my rare tie in the solo totals).

Full Monties112
Missed Full Monties0
Tough Numbers11
Impossible Numbers0

I've not been close to a maximal game this week, averaging two letters maxima per game.  A tough conundrum on Wednesday also broke my good solving streak on that front.  There's certainly room left for improvement in the coming week.

Maximums: L22231
Invalid: L----1

Contestants sorted by average score:

Jason Dunn102251.00
Luke Brattoni149349.67
Matthew Thomason*245549.00
Raf Goodens98249.00
Ryan Turk48148.00
Kathryn James123341.00
Jodi Knight82241.00
Brett Chaiyawat188537.60
Aram Kalyanasundaram36136.00
David Waddell71235.50
Liam Murphy18118.00
Dane Watkins15115.00
Rhys McCaig13113.00
Matt Bolton12112.00

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