Saturday, 17 March 2012

Weekly summary: Episodes 401 to 405

The week has been mostly good, with my solo totals on Monday and Thursday being nicely close to David and Lily.  Tuesday and Wednesday were marred by invalid words which increased the separation; Wednesday was a particularly unfortunate day in that regard.

David + Lily7773807678
Me (solo)7363587463

Like Shaun Ellis last series, Norm carries over from the previous series and goes all the way to successful retirement.  An auspicious start to the series?

Norm Do676258615962369

It has been a really tough week for the full monties, with only one chance available (INHAULERS), and that was obscure enough to elude David's eye.  Hopefully next week will bring richer rewards!  Lily had a perfect week, solving everything except the single impossible round (on which she got as close as possible).

Full Monties

Missed Full Monties1

Tough Numbers

Impossible Numbers


Here's a new set of statistics: The number of "maximums" (best possible results) I scored in each category.  The conundrum statistic does not fit that well into this scheme since time is also a factor; I am including it simply to record whether I solved the conundrum within the time limit (whether or not a contestant solves it sooner).  I'm also listing invalid attempts.  Note the stark contrast between my letters performance on Wednesday and on the other days!

Maximums: L34033
Invalid: L-12--

Last time I only listed contestants with averages over 30, in part due to laziness.  I'm honestly undecided about whether a cut-off like that is appropriate, so this time I'm going to list them all.

Norm Do369661.50
Diana Greenslade43143.00
Gavin Griffith40140.00
Casey Duggan13113.00
Patrick Johns10110.00
Hans Pieterse616.00

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