Saturday, 14 April 2012

Weekly summary: Episodes 421 to 425

I managed to avoid any invalid declarations this week, although in one case that left me with nothing to declare.  It was a week of almosts, with my numbers work just a bit short of where it needed to be in order to let me catch David and Lily.  The end-of-week performance continues to be a worry, and only a passable conundrum solution let me escape with the win there.

David + Lily7474848778
Me (solo)6266738472

Ben faltered at the last, with three invalid answers in his final game.  But he still played six games; last series that would have been enough to get into the finals, so we will probably see him again.  The latter half of the week saw Jane start her run towards the finals; she has improved as she has gone on, and Friday's game was particularly strong from her.  If she keeps this form up then she stands in very good shape to make the finals.

Norm Do676258615962369
Ann Russell404846624947292
Ben Fisher555363426021294
Jane Taylor*475464165
Margaret Zimmer383752127
Louise Broadbent613899
Craig Hill454085
Steve Malcolm343771

David found two full monties this week; there was probably another but it would come down to a ruling on legality.  The numbers were a little more awkward than usual, with one genuinely impossible round and two others that Lily needed more thinking time on.  (Plus some others where it seems that she had only just found a solution as time expired.)

Full Monties112
Missed Full Monties
Tough Numbers112
Impossible Numbers1

I had a mixed run this week, with the middle part being good for the maximums.  I solved four out of the five conundrums (although two of them only just within time), which is definitely above my average.  But I dropped a maximum result on the numbers on each day, and that thwarted my attempts to catch David and Lily.

Maximums: L14342

Contestants sorted by average score:

Norm Do369661.50
Jane Taylor*165355.00
Louise Broadbent99249.50
Ben Fisher294649.00
Ann Russell292648.67
Diana Greenslade43143.00
Margaret Zimmer127342.67
Craig Hill85242.50
Gavin Griffith40140.00
Steve Malcolm71235.50
James Cooper35135.00
Philip Scambler35135.00
Andrew Boyden34134.00
Donald Piggott-McKellar34134.00
Peter Ghalayini30130.00
Scott Morrow30130.00
Mathew Thomas57228.50
Marc Lissner26126.00
Ian Wanless26126.00
Zaid Abbas24124.00
Bonnie McAllister23123.00
Kylie Alexander21121.00
Cassie Palmer20120.00
John Morris16116.00
Casey Duggan13113.00
Vishal Gandhi10110.00
Patrick Johns10110.00
Hans Pieterse616.00

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