Saturday, 28 April 2012

Weekly summary: Episodes 431 to 435

Last week I said that I thought it might have been my best week playing the show, but this week blew it out of the water; my average this week was a mammoth 79.8 points per game (ten points higher than last week's average).  I'm still somewhat flabbergasted by that.  I'll note that I had taken the week off work; maybe that had a lot to do with it?  With the exception of the last game where David found an obscure full monty, I was right up there with their scores.  It's been a fantastic week for me, and it is going to take serious effort (and some good fortune) to match it.

David + Lily8975897985
Me (solo)8772887973

Like Jane last week, Mark was not able to get past the fourth-game barrier.  Ian had a short run but was in turn defeated by Simon, who faces his fourth game on Monday; that's the third Monday in a row which is somebody's fourth game -- will third time be the charm?  This week's results pushed Louise Broadbent and Craig Hill out of contention, but we expect several more evictions before the finals.

Norm Do676258615962369
Ann Russell404846624947292
Ben Fisher555363426021294
Jane Taylor47546440205
Mark Potter41515140183
Simon Walton*654749161
Ian Phillips575949165
Margaret Zimmer383752127

This was a much more interesting week than the last, with three full monties found by David and a fourth lurking in the wings.  Friday's game turned up an impossible target, but Lily was on track with every solution, including a very difficult rat pack on Tuesday.

Full Monties1113
Missed Full Monties

Tough Numbers0
Impossible Numbers11

The maximums flowed this week, and I solved every conundrum in four seconds or less.  I was just short of being able to put together an optimal game; the best chance was Wednesday where I had the other maximum written down but decided against it.  Tuesday saw that tough rat pack give me the only numbers blemish.  Friday's letters results may seem poor in comparison, but three of those mixed maxima were words I would never have found.  This is going to be a tough week to follow!

Maximums: L44441

Contestants sorted by average score:

Norm Do369661.50
Ian Phillips165355.00
Simon Walton*161353.67
Jane Taylor205451.25
Louise Broadbent99249.50
Ben Fisher294649.00
Ann Russell292648.67
Mark Potter183445.75
Diana Greenslade43143.00
Mark O'Carrigan43143.00
Margaret Zimmer127342.67
Craig Hill85242.50
Steve Hibbert83241.50
Gavin Griffith40140.00
Carey McManus76238.00
Neil Croft37137.00
Steve Malcolm71235.50
James Cooper35135.00
Philip Scambler35135.00
Andrew Boyden34134.00
Donald Piggott-McKellar34134.00
Peter Ghalayini30130.00
Scott Morrow30130.00
Jack Maloney29129.00
Mathew Thomas57228.50
Brent Dalton26126.00
Marc Lissner26126.00
Ian Wanless26126.00
Zaid Abbas24124.00
Bonnie McAllister23123.00
Kylie Alexander21121.00
Susan Morrison21121.00
Cassie Palmer20120.00
John Morris16116.00
Casey Duggan13113.00
Vishal Gandhi10110.00
Patrick Johns10110.00
Hans Pieterse616.00

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