Sunday, 15 July 2012

Weekly summary: Episodes 1 to 5

The week went pretty well, as I managed to get close to the combined David and Lily total a couple of times, and tied with them once in Wednesday's optimal game.  The end-of-week problems were back in force, though, as two invalid words and a missed conundrum saw me drop 35 points behind their total.  Ouch!

David + Lily7476766989
Me (solo)7063766554

Chris has won every game so far, so is the only name on the leaderboard.  He has a decent chance to become the first retiring champion of the show.

Chris Scholten-Smith*4547484738225

David found the only full monty on offer this week.  Although there were a couple of tricky numbers games, Lily was equal to the challenge of most of them, only missing one of them within time.

Full Monties11
Missed Full Monties0
Tough Numbers11
Impossible Numbers

The week went mostly well, with the highlight being Wednesday's optimal game.  Thursday was just short of optimal also, with an invalid word being the difference.  Against that, Tuesday and Friday were poorer results, with Friday's efforts including two invalid words.  I was strong on the numbers throughout, only missing out on the one optimal answer for the week.

Maximums: L41543
Invalid: L---12

Contestants sorted by average score:

Chris Scholten-Smith*225545.00
Chaitanya Rao38138.00
Jason Stockdale37137.00
Elaine Miles33133.00
Helen Robinson27127.00
Nick Taubert19119.00

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