Sunday, 22 July 2012

Weekly summary: Episodes 6 to 10

More invalid words kept the Wednesday and Thursday results down, but the week started off very well as I fell just short of David and Lily on Monday, and then outdid them on Tuesday.  It could have finished that way also, but the conundrum was too tough for me.  Still, Tuesday was absolutely the highlight thanks to a pair of full monties and a very rare score of 90.

David + Lily7687767870
Me (solo)7490546063

Chris won his final game and became the show's first retiring champion.  Aaron had a good run following him, but was defeated on his fourth game and probably will not make the finals.

Chris Scholten-Smith454748473840265
Aaron Tyrrell51356118165

David found both full monties this week, which turned up in the same game.  There were some tricky numbers mixes around and Lily's unsolved count was unusually high.  Maybe she was a little unwell?  Two of them should have been fairly easy solves.

Full Monties22
Missed Full Monties0
Tough Numbers224
Impossible Numbers

A wide spread of results this week, with invalid words costing me towards the end.  Wednesday was the low point on maxes, although I did find a longer word than David in that game.  The numbers performance was mostly good, with the ones that I missed feeling reasonably difficult (and two of those also eluding Lily).

Maximums: L34225
Invalid: L--12-

Contestants sorted by average score:

Chris Scholten-Smith265644.17
Aaron Tyrell165441.25
Chaitanya Rao38138.00
Jason Stockdale37137.00
Lara Cassar35135.00
Elaine Miles33133.00
Jenny Blair33133.00
Alan Stewart29129.00
Helen Robinson27127.00
Stephen Farrelly*26126.00
Michael Gin25125.00
Nick Taubert19119.00

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