Sunday, 29 July 2012

Weekly summary: Episodes 11 to 15

The usual trend of the late-week slump continued, although the result is compounded by an unusual judgement from David.  Some good early results saw me match the combined David and Lily team on Tuesday, and that is always nice.  Friday marked an unusually high-scoring game but one which I have seen before so scoring it fairly is not really possible.

David + Lily76777477109
Me (solo)7477706397

Stephen had a low-scoring run as champion before Sudesh defeated him on his third game.  Sudesh was likewise defeated on his third game, and neither should make the finals.

Chris Scholten-Smith454748473840265
Aaron Tyrrell51356118165
Sudesh Piyatissa375734128
Stephen Farrelly26303086
Rob York524294

All three full monties this week came from Friday's game, for an impressively high maximum of 109.  That game set several records, although admittedly it is early in the game's history: First full monty found by a contestant; first full monty found by both contestants; first game with two full monties found by a contestant; first game with three full monties found by David; highest score by a winning contestant; highest score by a losing contestant; highest combined contestant total.  On top of all that, this week saw the first genuinely unsolvable numbers game, so it has been pretty eventful all round.

Full Monties33
Missed Full Monties0
Tough Numbers0
Impossible Numbers1

Mildly erratic but mostly good form on the letters this week, but some flaws in the numbers in the later half.  I had not realised that I had solved every conundrum until I collated the data -- that's a nice result.  The highlight of the week was Tuesday's optimal game.

Maximums: L35353

Contestants sorted by average score:

Andrew Fisher*95195.00
Rob York94247.00
Chris Scholten-Smith265644.17
Sudesh Piyatissa128342.67
Aaron Tyrell165441.25
Tanya Ithier41141.00
Chaitanya Rao38138.00
Jason Stockdale37137.00
Lara Cassar35135.00
Elaine Miles33133.00
Jenny Blair33133.00
Alan Stewart29129.00
Stephen Farrelly86328.67
Helen Robinson27127.00
Michael Gin25125.00
Nick Taubert19119.00
Dawn Tuftan15115.00

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