Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Some delays again

Apologies (particularly to Jan, and I hope you can get back to sleep soon): The Daylight Savings switch has not been kind to me, so the post for episode 66 is going to be delayed at least a day.

Some possibly tantalising details: I had a chance to outscore David+Lily after finding a better word than David, but completely botched the second numbers round to throw that chance away.  Oh, and there was also a full monty on offer that was not found by anyone, but I'd be pretty impressed if it were found it.  My final score was 65 (both solo and against the contestants).


Sam Gaffney said...

I declared a seven in Round 5 that turned out to be capitalised (coincidentally, it was mentioned in a recent David vignette). I might have a crack at finding that nine, though your post suggests it is obscure.

The second numbers round was tough, I had some problems with my TV and tried to compensate by rewinding when it cut back in 5 seconds after the clock had started; it is possible I would have been too late to the solution (Lily's).

Jan said...

Hey Geoff. I actually had a good night's sleep last night! And I haven't played yesterday's game yet. That will happen in the next few hours.

I hate the start of daylight savings. It takes me about a week to adjust.

Geoff Bailey said...

I bet I know what that seven was, Sam -- I found it after time, but I also knew enough to avoid it since I'd looked it up before at some point.

Glad you got some sleep, Jan!