Monday, 26 November 2012

NG 8 (new game 8)

As JT pointed out in a comment, there are no more episodes screening for the time being. That's rather a blow. Here's a consolation new game, anyway; I am working on a better format for these, but probably won't get a chance to sort it out until the weekend.

Also, I've been trying to avoid my personal quirks of selection but that is somewhat of a losing battle. So I'm soliciting game formats from you; leave an eight round breakdown in the comments (or more than one!) and I'll start using those instead, occasionally interspersed with my own. Suggested format for letters rounds: CCCVVVCVC or similar.

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:


Round 4:

Round 5:

Round 6:


Round 7:

Round 8:


Round 9:

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Geoff Bailey said...

Incidentally, this round's selections were supposed to be a match for episode 301, although I twitched and accidentally selected an extra vowel in round 4.

Round 1: C L P I O F R R O

An ugly mix to start; I had CLIP and FROLIC. I really wanted a final I for PROLIFIC or an E for PROFILE, but absent them FROLIC is the best to be done, and the only six.

Round 2: B R W U O N M I R

Gah, this is not a hopeful start to the game! I had BROW and BROWN, and could not do better.

A fourth vowel would have brought in an A for RAINBOW, but with the current mix the unique six is BURROW.

Round 3: Target 785 from 75 50 2 7 10 5

A friendly numbers round to settle things. I started with 785 = 75*10 + 7*5, then wondered about making this as some multiple of 10 plus or minus 5. I had to use the 50 as well, but it worked with 785 = (75 - 2)*10 + 50 + 5.

Round 4: D C T N A E A I L

I had CANT, DECANT, and DIALECT / CITADEL. The I was a misclick here; this round was only supposed to be three vowels. That would have brought in a T instead for LACTATED.

But the I worked out better for those with the vocabulary for it, which was not me this time: CADENTIAL (adjective derived from CADENCE) for nine.

There's also two eights: ANALCITE (a mineral) / LAITANCE ("the scum or whitish deposit that rises to the surface of newly placed concrete").

Round 5: T S S A E T E H E

More duplication, although by the end I wanted that last E. I had SEATS, TASTES, and the full monty AESTHETES (AESTHETE: "someone who cultivates the sense of the beautiful"). Woohoo!

AESTHETE has a variant spelling of ESTHETE, so the eights are AESTHETE and ESTHETES. The sevens are ESTHETE / TEETHES, SEETHES, SETTEES, and ESTATES.

Round 6: Target 734 from 50 25 100 75 5 9

I remembered to check the standard method this time, and the offset is the 9 which we already have. That means this must be solvable; I started with 734 = (75 + 50)*5 + 100 + 9, then remembered that 725 could be made from large numbers alone to get 734 = (75 - 50)*25 + 100 + 9. For good measure I also wrote down 734 = 5*(100 + 50) - 25 + 9.

After time I noticed that the target was also 729 + 5, and 729 is the cube of 9. That led me to the solution 734 = 9*(75 + (100 + 50)/25) + 5.

Round 7: C N R L U E I M A

I had CURL, CRUEL, MARINE, CARLINE, and MINERAL. I was a bit distracted at this point because of drilling in an adjacent apartment, but I think I still would have been to slow on MANICURE.

But as I was writing down the letters I realised that there was a second full monty here (I did not yet know about CADENTIAL): NUMERICAL. In fact, this was one of the two conundrums on my audition; I did not solve it then, either.

Those are the only 9 and 8. There are a fair few sevens.

Round 8: Target 425 from 100 50 25 75 10 7

Too easy, and almost the same as a mix from my first game on the show. I went with 425 = 7*75 - 100 then, and now also. This time I also noted 425 = (10 + 7)*25.


For once I did not have to tinker with this conundrum, and I solved it in a couple of seconds: FULMINATE.

Jan said...

Thanks Geoff.

POLIO, FLOOR 5’s were the best I could do
BURROW one better than you
(75+5)*10 - (2*7) = 786
After time 2*7*50 + 75 + 10 = 785
(100+50)*5 - 25 + 9 = 734
7*50 + 75 = 425
And no luck with the conundrum

Jan said...

PS - 3 full monties in a game. Has this happened on the show?

JT said...

On the advice of Jan I'm playing this game also contributed by SBS shocking decision to completely rid L+N... ah yah yah yah... anyway for this game i'm trying to simulate it how I play it but it's hard i'll get use to it...

730-75*9+50+5 no time for last adjustment unfortuantly
425 = 7*75-100
no chance

Geoff Bailey said...

Glad to have you aboard again, JT. I know the format at the moment is a bit removed from the show's method, and it can be an adjustment. I will definitely be making improvements to that, so I hope you can bear with me. I liked your almost-734, incidentally -- it's a rather nice method, and I can see that with a few more seconds you'd have been able to add the 100/25 to reach it exactly.

Well done with BURROW, Jan -- it's one of those words that use both W and U, and I may have been listening to David too much about that combination. *chuckles*

Three potential full monties in an episode has happened at least twice before. One time was Andrew Fisher's debut episode (episode 378) which I think has the record for highest potential score of an episode at 110 points. (The last numbers round was rather tough, though.) That game of Alan's very nearly had a fourth full monty, as several sources (but not the Macquarie) give INHUMATES as a word.

Mike Backhouse said...

Here are mine, such as they are:

(75+5)*10-(7*2)=786 (1 off)
100*9-5*25-50=725 (9 off)

Victor said...

Here are mine;

3. 785 = (2*75 + 7)*5
6. 734 = 5*(100 + 50) - 25 + 9
7. NUMERICAL (yay!)
8. 425 = 10*50 - 75
9. -

Mike Backhouse said...


I am happy to take the games as they come.

With this new format, because Lily is not reading them out,I don't write them down in the order I would normally (which is to alternate consonants and vowels, at the same time looking for pairings such as CH or SH but particularly suffixes such as -ED. That way I could use both my own and Lily's letters to try and 'see' words. It's amazing how sometimes the letters I write down almost form the words I come up with.

For this game format, I think I will just use the letters as they appear, which I think will be good training.

Geoff Bailey said...

Nice work getting Burrow, Mike and Victor. And Victor: Congratulations on that full monty! CANDELA is also a nice find -- I have a lot of trouble spotting that one when it arises.

Sam Gaffney said...

Am enjoying the heavyweights and potential full monties, much more fun than boring family mixes and awful Countdown letter mixes. My answers are a mixture of sublime and appalling here, I think I haven't adjusted to doing the puzzles in this setting yet:

785 = 75*10 + 7*5
DETAIN (I really hate double-A mixes...)
Hmm... wrote 735 instead of 734 for both solutions within time, so technically invalid (I probably would have been more careful in the real thing), but the two ways I wrote were:
(75-50)*25+100+9 or (75+5-100/25)*9+50
425 = (10+7)*25
x INFULMATE, later FULMINATE (which I didn't know the meaning of)