Saturday, 4 August 2012


Apologies for the delayed postings; I had hoped that SBS might get the right episode 19 in place, but presumably that won't happen until at least next week.  I'll post the episode 20 results soon and catch up that other episode when it becomes possible.

I'm abandoning the Countdown recaps; it simply does not interest me as much, and is already handled elsewhere as I've mentioned.  It really does not play as well in Australia as it does in the UK, and I had not appreciated just how significant this was until I got to properly contrast it with Letters and Numbers.  Amongst other issues of cultural difference, there were around five words suggested by contestants on Thursday's game that I simply could not tell what was being said (but that apparently the presenters had no difficulty understanding).

The good news is that the TV schedule suggests that episodes of Letters and Numbers will continue to screen in the 3PM slot for at least a while, so we're not having repeats of Countdown inflicted upon us in that timeslot instead.


Mike Backhouse said...


I understand your reasons. Although I am enjoying Countdown more as it goes on. Even Tim's jokes! I can understand most of what they are saying, although I did have diffulty understanding Fran's words, which I think was due to mumbling as much as accent. I have to say that I think Adam is pretty impressive. Like Jan, I will continue to use it as practice.

Geoff Bailey said...

I've seen some other episodes with Tim on them, and they've been much better. For whatever reason he just has not been that engaging in these ones, at least not in my opinion. And the suit seems not to fit him properly -- it's always bunching up behind him, making him look like he is hunched down.

On that episode, it was mostly Fran but also sometimes Adam that I struggled to understand. Other occasions had been fine but not this time around. Adam is definitely one of the better contestants, and most likely bound for the finals.