Sunday, 19 August 2012

Weekly summary: Episodes 26 to 30

I managed to stay close to the David and Lily combination all week, except for a slip of the pen on Friday's game, so that was nice.  I was also pleasantly surprised to be competitive with Naween throughout the week, although it is likely that the advantage of having seen the conundrums before was significantly at play.  Regardless, it was quite a satisfactory week and possibly my highest weekly aggregate to date.

David + Lily76887710075
Me (solo)76857510064

When I said in last week's summary that Kashi had a good chance of becoming a retiring champion, I had not known that her last game was against Naween.  It was no surprise that she lost that last game, and Naween had his own five game streak that he will finish on Monday.  One would expect the current top four to make the finals, and the others not to.

Andrew Fisher956364676759415
Chris Scholten-Smith454748473840265
Naween Fernando*7360649464355
Kashi Ross484634414532246
Aaron Tyrrell51356118165
Sudesh Piyatissa375734128
Stephen Farrelly26303086
Rob York524294

There were three full monties that I found this week, and a tricky one that I did not.  This exactly matches David's performance, and lends credence to the idea that I'm only doing so well right now because of the blue book.  I look forward to episodes 51 and above where this will not be a factor; it should be interesting to see if there is much difference.  Lily solved every numbers game this week, for the first time (although in two of the previous weeks her only unsolved ones were genuinely unsolvable).

Full Monties123
Missed Full Monties11
Tough Numbers0
Impossible Numbers

The maximum count was much better than last week, including two optimal games.  The only real blot was the error on the last numbers round of Friday, alas.

Maximums: L52354
Invalid: N----1

Contestants sorted by average score:

Naween Fernando*355571.00
Andrew Fisher415669.17
Rob York94247.00
Chris Scholten-Smith265644.17
Sudesh Piyatissa128342.67
Aaron Tyrell165441.25
Kashi Ross246641.00
Tanya Ithier41141.00
Jonathan Scarlett39139.00
Chaitanya Rao38138.00
Jason Stockdale37137.00
Lara Cassar35135.00
Andrew Patterson35135.00
Elaine Miles33133.00
Jenny Blair33133.00
Alexis Harley32132.00
Erez Gordon31131.00
Alan Stewart29129.00
Adib Surani29129.00
Stephen Farrelly86328.67
Michael Clark28128.00
Helen Robinson27127.00
Michael Gin25125.00
Les Ramsay25125.00
Robin Wedd24124.00
Jane Cleary23123.00
Jim Bailey21121.00
Daniel Pratt21121.00
Nick Taubert19119.00
Carol Campbell17117.00
Dawn Tuftan15115.00
Frances Weinberg10110.00
Andrew Bullen515.00

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