Sunday, 26 August 2012

Weekly summary: Episodes 31 to 35

My solo scores were all in the 70's for the first time this series, although the three-way scores were not always so good (mostly due to a contestant solving the conundrum first).  David Jones played a couple of good games midweek to make life tricky; I only just outscored him on Wednesday and ended up with a tie on Thursday.

David + Lily7677747775
Me (solo)7176747373

Naween successfully retired, as expected.  Only a fraction too much risk in his last game kept him from taking the top spot on the rankings -- it was very close!  David Jones has begun his march up the leader board, and at this rate will settle comfortably into third place if he goes all the way.

Andrew Fisher956364676759415
Naween Fernando736064946456411
Chris Scholten-Smith454748473840265
Kashi Ross484634414532246
David Jones*636350177
Aaron Tyrrell51356118165
Sudesh Piyatissa375734128
Stephen Farrelly26303086

It was a bland week, with no full monties on offer and most numbers games being a bit too easy.  Not all of them, but Lily continued her excellent form to solve them all and that is two weeks in a row for that.

Full Monties0
Missed Full Monties0
Tough Numbers0
Impossible Numbers

I had three good games where I was only just off a maximal game; the one which really should have been was Tuesday's effort, where I missed what should have been a simple find of ROTATION.

Maximums: L24424

Contestants sorted by average score:

Andrew Fisher415669.17
Naween Fernando411668.50
David Jones*177359.00
Rob York94247.00
Chris Scholten-Smith265644.17
Geoff Heard88244.00
Sudesh Piyatissa128342.67
Aaron Tyrell165441.25
Kashi Ross246641.00
Tanya Ithier41141.00
Kiao Inthavong39139.00
Jonathan Scarlett39139.00
Chaitanya Rao38138.00
Jason Stockdale37137.00
Lara Cassar35135.00
Andrew Patterson35135.00
Elaine Miles33133.00
Jenny Blair33133.00
Alexis Harley32132.00
Erez Gordon31131.00
Alan Stewart29129.00
Adib Surani29129.00
Stephen Farrelly86328.67
Michael Clark28128.00
Helen Robinson27127.00
Michael Gin25125.00
Les Ramsay25125.00
Stavroula Nicholls24124.00
Robin Wedd24124.00
Jane Cleary23123.00
Jim Bailey21121.00
Daniel Pratt21121.00
Nick Taubert19119.00
Arthur Barrs17117.00
Carol Campbell17117.00
Dawn Tuftan15115.00
Frances Weinberg10110.00
Paul Hughes616.00
Andrew Bullen515.00

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